• College Coaches Still Lack Title IX Knowledge

    by Paul Steinbach July 2010

    The landmark law is pushing 40, but how it works (and is working) remains a mystery to many.

  • AB Conference: Note & Float

    by Paul Steinbach December 2009

    Attendees of Tom Griffiths' morning seminar, "The New Standard of Care in Aquatics: It Ain't What It Used to Be," received a yellow rubber wristband embossed with the phrase "Note & Float." Had these same individuals been of a younger age and about to enter a swimming pool under Griffiths' watch, they would have received the bands only by failing to prove themselves worthy of the pool's deep end. The bands are used by facility operators to identify non-swimmers and are worn in concert with a flotation jacket. It's an idea that Griffiths borrowed from the YMCA and piloted with thousands of kids this summer at Penn State University. "It went much better than we anticipated," says Griffiths, who likens life jackets for non-swimmers to car seats for children. "We're doing it because we believe supervision is just not cutting it."

  • AB Conference: Military Fitness Specialists' Mission

    by Andrew Cohen December 2009

  • As Budgets Shrink, Athletic Directors Find Themselves In the Classroom or Out of a Job

    by Michael Popke March 2009

    As districts slash expenses, some athletic directors find themselves in either the classroom or the unemployment line.

  • Take Responsibility; Ice Breaker; Who Loves This Game?

    by Michael Popke May 2007

    Reviews of Managing Sports Organizations: Responsibility for Performance;; and Taking Shots: Tall Tales, Bizarre Battles and the Incredible Truth about the NBA

  • Scripting and Role Playing for Effective Management

    by Mike James August 2006

    With carefully scripted responses and role-playing exercises, staff members will spread the same message and avoid embarrassing miscommunications.

  • A Future of Success

    by Courtney Hadden April 2006

    To create a successful future, whether it's for yourself or your organization, it's essential to have a plan.

  • Making Room for Minority Groups among the Ranks of Athletic Professionals

    by Fred Milverstedt March 1988

    This article originally appeared in the March 1988 issue of AB with the headline, “In Search of More Minority Administrators.”


    When Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder made his ill-advised remarks about black athletes in January, it struck many as not as surprising that someone would hold his views as that anyone would express them so glibly, without much apparent thought, in front of a microphone and television camera.