• Cavs Produce Irving Video Tribute, Opt Not to Play It

    by Kyle Schnitzer October 2017

    The Cavaliers had planned on showing a Kyrie Irving tribute video in his first game back at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on Tuesday, until they didn't.

  • NBA Sponsorships Up 7.8% Over Previous Year

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    State Farm and Anheuser Busch are big fans of the NBA, so much so that they topped last year’s list of league sponsors.

  • Athletic Board Makes It Official: Pitino Out at Louisville

    by Jeff Greer and Justin Sayers October 2017

    The athletics board voted unanimously Monday to fire Rick Pitino as head coach of the Louisville men's basketball team three weeks after the university confirmed it is included in the FBI's investigation...

  • Rams, Chargers Compete for L.A. Fans

    by Josh Peter September 2017

    The most important matchup in the NFL on Sunday isn't on the league's schedule. The Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers will be playing 12 miles apart...

  • Opinion: Why Isn't NFL With Kaepernick?

    by Beth Kwiatek September 2017

    It has been one year since then-San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial oppression.

  • ESPN Football Analyst Retires, Citing Dangers of Game

    by Ryan Gerbosi August 2017

    A longtime college football analyst is not returning to the broadcast booth this fall due to his growing discomfort with the dangerous nature of the sport. Ed Cunningham has left his position with ESPN and ABC after nearly 20 years, citing the large amount of damage inflicted on players as his primary reason.

  • NBA Star Durant Invests in Tech Start-Up

    by Jon Swartz August 2017

    Kevin Durant, named most valuable player in the NBA Finals for his clutch shooting, is making what he hopes will be a well-aimed shot — at cloud computing.

  • USA Gymnastics Moves Forward in Year After Scandal

    by Nancy Armour August 2017

    One flip symbolizes how the USA Gymnastics women's program has changed in the last year. Ashton Locklear performed the trick when she threw out the first pitch before the Cubs and White Sox met in Chicago's Crosstown Series last month.

  • South Korean Olympics Will Bring Sports, Politics

    by The Boston Herald August 2017

    Given the escalated tensions in a region where, six months from now, thousands of athletes from around the world will gather for the 2018 Winter Olympics — Pyeongchang's location has become a global concern.

  • Opinion: Academic Scandal Sullied UNC's Reputation

    by Harry Minium August 2017

    If you grew up rooting for Virginia, North Carolina State or anyone else in the ACC, you may have despised...