• MLB to Play Game to Omaha for College World Series

    by The Roanoke Times June 2018

    Major League Baseball will come to Omaha for a day next year as part of an initiative to take the product to new places, commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday.

  • Opinion: USA Soccer Has Deadline of 2026

    by Stephen Smith Sr. June 2018

    The 2026 World Cup is still eight years away, and one must wonder if that's enough time for us to get our stuff together here in North America.

  • MLB Seeks Removal of Manager-Ump Shouting Video

    by The Roanoke Times June 2018

    The profanity-laced video surfaced this week from a Dodgers-Mets game in May 2016 that Fox televised.

  • U.K. Provides Glimpse into Future of Sports Betting

    by Martin Rogers and Kim Hjelmgaard June 2018

    To imagine the future of sports betting, you need only look across the Atlantic Ocean to the U.K., where it was legalized nearly 60 years ago.

  • MLS Expected to Announce Expansion Bid

    by Laurel Pfahler May 2018

    Major League Soccer is expected to announce Cincinnati as its next expansion team on Tuesday. A press conference 'regarding Cincinnati's soccer future' will take place at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in Cincinnati.

  • Madison, Wis., to Welcome Pro Soccer Team in 2019

    by Abigail Becker May 2018

    Though the operators of Breese Stevens Field announced the soccer league Madison will join in 2019 last Thursday, fan Riley Olson is already a committed supporter.

  • Comcast Drops Big Ten Network Outside Conference

    by Naples Daily News April 2018

    Comcast has dropped the Big Ten Network from states it considers outside of "Big Ten states" and the channel already is off the lineup in Southwest Florida, where legions of transplants and seasonal residents from those states live full or part time.

  • Player in Humboldt Crash Misidentified

    by Jeremy Hainsworth and Rob Gillies April 2018

    The Ministry of Justice for Saskatchewan province said the mistake occurred partly because all the Broncos players had dyed their hair blond for the team's appearance in the playoffs and because all the young men had similar builds.

  • Bus Tragedy Resonates Throughout Hockey Community

    by Mike Harrington April 2018

    Fifteen people, including several players and the head coach, were killed Friday night in Saskatchewan when the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team's bus was plowed into by a semi while en route to a playoff game.

  • March Madness TV Deal Works for CBS, Turner

    by A.J. Perez April 2018

    The March Madness TV package shared by CBS and Turner Sports may resemble a joint custody of sorts from the outside.