LSU fans have taken a liking to new self-serve concessions technology, and they're actually ordering more when they use the new machines. 

Fans can now order their food from touchscreen kiosks and then pick up their food at a separate window. Eight of the self-serve kiosks were installed this spring at Pete Maravich Assembly Center, which hosts basketball and gymnastics.

According to Business Report, a fan opting to use one of the kiosks placed an order that was, on average, 16 to 25 percent larger than that of a fan who waited in line.

“This type of setup increases the number of points of sale and allows for a much faster, more efficient process for fans,” said Robert Munson, senior associate athletic director at LSU. Munson also noted that the kiosks cut concessions staffing by roughly two-thirds.

The kiosks are part of a pilot program and LSU will be monitoring fan feedback via survey. The school is now considering implementing the kiosks at Tiger Stadium and Alex Box Stadium.

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.