Many college football stadiums have been renovated to include enclosed club seats and suites, and the University of Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium is no different, with just such an upgrade completed in 2005.

This season, however, the Badgers are offering up to 100 fans something different — an open-air terrace featuring non-fixed seating along a countertop, umbrella tables, TV monitors, PA speakers and a concessions stand. (A glass-enclosed gas fireplace is still in the works.) The space sits atop the roof of the new Fetzer Student-Athlete Performance Center, located at the stadium's north end. The rooftop was specially constructed to withstand the weight of human traffic at a code-required 125 pounds per square foot. "We had not done an

exterior terrace like that before, on top of a roof," says Joe Dettlaff, president of architect Berners-Schober Associates, which also handled the 2005 Camp Randall upgrade, as well as renovation work spanning decades at Lambeau Field in the firm's hometown Green Bay. "The view is nice. Looking down on the stadium, you get to see right down the middle of the field."

Paul Steinbach is Senior Editor of Athletic Business.