• Coach: Video of Basketball Brawl Fails to Tell Full Story

    by Chelsea Prince July 2018

    Howard Martin does not endorse the violence that erupted during a weekend basketball tournament in Bartow County. However, the video doesn't tell the whole story, he said.

  • MTSU Visits Facebook, Talks Streaming Partnership

    by Mike Organ June 2018

    Spending time at the headquarters of the digital conglomerate is a good way to keep up with the fast-changing world of social media. At least that's how Middle Tennessee State associate athletics director for communications Mark Owens sees it...

  • Pro Prospects' Old Social Posts Cause Concern

    by Kirsten Fleming June 2018

    A day before the 2018 NFL draft in April, a bombshell hit University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen when racially offensive tweets sent from the white player's account in 2012 and 2013 surfaced.

  • 76ers Investigate Team Executive's Twitter Use

    by Richmond Times Dispatch June 2018

    The Philadelphia 76ers are investigating whether team president Bryan Colangelo used a variety of Twitter accounts to anonymously trash some of his players and fellow executives and defend himself against criticism from fans and the sports media.

  • High School Tennis Players Face Discipline over Photo

    by Paul Steinbach May 2018

    A high school in Georgia is investigating an incident in which a photo of tennis players wearing white bags reminiscent of Ku Klux Klan hoods appeared last week on social media.

  • Former Redskins Player Denounces Logo on Instagram

    by Courtney Cameron May 2018

    On Wednesday of this week, former Washington Redskins defensive lineman A.J. Francis signed on as a defensive tackle with NFC East rival team the Giants, according to

  • WNBA to Stream 20 Games on Twitter

    by Mike Rose May 2018

    The WNBA announced on Wednesday afternoon that three of the planned 20 games to be live streamed on Twitter this season will feature the Liberty.

  • Opinion: Social Media's Impact for Players, Coaches

    by Chuck Cecil April 2018

    For the love of God, I am so grateful there was no social media when I was growing up. As a player I didn't have the distractions of checking for retweets or the possibility of posting something stupid that could end up costing me millions of dollars. I didn't worry that every drip of mustard on my chin was going to be snapped by a local in a city while I was playing for the Packers or Cardinals. As a NFL coach, I hated social media. Working 90 hours a week, I didn't have time for it. All the coaches on our staff worried that one of our guys could potentially blow himself up on social media by posting his junk, bashing an opponent ... or worse. Mainly, I hated social media because I valued my privacy. But the world changed. Kids changed. Drafting changed. Recruiting changed. I could either change with it or leave my digital legacy to the mercy of Google searches and digital haters or a 20-year-old coach who understood how to better use social media to recruit than I did. It became game on -- on social media. It's not going anywhere

  • The Edge Fitness Club Puts 'Gym Selfie Room' on Hold

    by Courtney Cameron April 2018

    On the first of the month, The Edge Fitness Club announced an addition to its traditional workout space: a first-of-its-kind gym selfie room at the club’s Fairfield, Conn., location.

  • Michigan State Spent $500K Tracking Nassar Case

    by Paul Steinbach March 2018

    A New York-based public relations firm in January billed Michigan State University for $517,343 for more than 1,440 hours of work. The job? Tracking social media activity surrounding the case of former osteopathic physician and team doctor Larry Nassar, convicted of sexually abusing MSU student-athletes and USA Gymnastics athletes.