• NSPF CEO Lachocki to Retire in 2019

    by Andy Berg October 2018

    The National Swimming Pool Foundation will see a change in leadership in the coming year, as the foundation's current CEO has announced he will retire in 2019. 

  • Tips for Designing an Outdoor Pool

    by Michael Popke August 2018

    One of the three outdoor pool options presented to the Boulder City (Nev.) Parks and Recreation Commission earlier this year included a $27.3 million plan to build three bodies of water — including a competition pool and a recreation pool with extensive play features — that would anchor space for indoor racquetball courts and multiple fitness areas.

  • Adding New Revenue Streams to Your Aquatics Facility

    by Kate Rampone May 2018

    It can be a challenge to incorporate recreational programming within competitive pool spaces, while ensuring both programs meet their full potential. However, an improved bottom line through additional revenue streams and less downtime in your aquatics facility might be worth the extra planning and coordination. Plus, there are a lot of fresh, fun and inclusive recreational programming options that can make your competitive pool space into one that's used by all walks of life within your community.

  • How to Add More Fun to Your Aquatic Facility This Summer (Sponsored)

    by Recreonics, Inc. May 2018

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    With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start to pool season, now is the perfect time to revitalize and add more fun to your swimming pool or aquatic facility.

    Coming up with fresh programming ideas every year can be a challenge for even the best aquatic professionals. One solution to this challenge is Wibit inflatable play products. With Wibit, aquatic facility owners and operators can transform any pool – regardless of size and depth -- into a water adventure, sure to increase visitor numbers and revenue at your facility.

  • New Pool Space Solutions from Down Under (Sponsored)

    by Karen Andrus-Hughes, S.R.Smith February 2018

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    Swimming is a favorite Aussie pastime, so it’s no wonder a unique swimming pool separation system was developed in Australia. SwimWall Systems™ from S.R.Smith help maximize pool space and allow a variety of aquatic activities to take place simultaneously. Today there are close to two dozen aquatic facilities in Australia that are maximizing their pool space with SwimWall Systems.

  • AB Show 2017: Pre-Show Coverage

    by Andy Berg November 2017

    Adobe Spark Page

  • How to Maximize the Use of Aquatics Recreation Space

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    Creative programming is key to counterbalancing the costs of operating a successful aquatics facility — even for college campuses like North Dakota State University, where the aquatics center's building and operation costs come out of student fees. Students who voted in 2013 to build the school's new aquatics center prioritized certain specialty programming — such as indoor scuba diving certification opportunities — as must-haves that made an increase in the cost of attendance worthwhile. Those looking for creative ways to broaden the classes, competitions and just-for-fun features that beckon patrons into an aquatics space will find many products aimed at expanding the patron base — as well as a few minor programming tweaks that can help appeal to a larger audience.

  • How to Combine Community Use and Competition in Aquatic Centers

    by Ted Watson September 2017

    In developing a multi-use aquatic center, designers and operators are often met with a fundamental challenge — how to combine the demands of performance-based competition with those of community-based leisure offerings under one roof. To put it another way, how can your aquatic center train athletes, teach tots and entertain thrill-seeking bathers all at the same time?

  • Why Hydrotherapy Breaks the Barrier for Better Recovery, Training and Performance (Sponsored)

    by Deb Cox, SwimEx July 2017

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    Hydrotherapy is the ultimate training and recovery tool. It’s a low impact workout that yields high impact results with less joint stress, muscle fatigue, and injury. Athletes can work harder, recover faster, and stay in the game. It’s a rehabilitation tool that allows for conditioning during recovery with faster results. But why does it work?

  • Trends in Aquatic Design Over the Past 40 Years

    by Courtney Cameron April 2017

    Since 1977, the aquatics industry has been evolving ceaselessly, with pools changing in shape, depth and size, while designers worked to meet evermore specific health, safety and accessibility regulations. Athletic Business spoke with aquatics professionals at Counsilman-Hunsaker and Water Technology Inc., asking veterans of the industry what changes have stood out over the course of their careers.