• Pressures of Youth Sports Increase Risk of Injury

    by Courtney Cameron December 2017

    The growing intensity of youth sports at increasingly younger ages brings with it increasingly dangerous health risks, according to an article by

  • MLB Ump Retires, Citing Concussion Risk

    by The Salt Lake Tribune December 2017

    As a big league umpire, Dale Scott saw maybe 1 million pitches from the field. His final call, it turned out, was the easiest of all. Rather than risk yet another concussion, Scott has decided to retire at 58.

  • Opinion: NFL Concussion Protocol Failing

    by Steve Hummer December 2017

    What really happens within those pop-up medical tents on the sideline when an NFL player goes inside to be checked for concussion?

  • Basketball Player's Collapse an Important Reminder

    by Dr. David Geier December 2017

    Minutes into a college basketball game, a player collapses. If not for the quick action of the team's athletic trainer and nearby paramedics, he would have died. Ty Solomon started the game Saturday for South Carolina State as the Bulldogs took on N.C. State. The 5-10 senior from Johns Island came out of the game at the 16:02 mark in the first half. He later told reporters he was talking to one of his teammates before putting his head in his hands. That's the last thing he remembers until being taken to an ambulance on a stretcher. While sitting on the bench, the former Charleston Collegiate player collapsed and fell unconscious. S.C. State athletic trainer Tyler Long responded immediately, performing CPR. Two Wake County paramedics at the arena rushed to the player's side and shocked Solomon with an automated external defibrillator (AED). The paramedics said Long's CPR and one shock with the defibrillator saved Solomon's life.

  • Opinion: Will #MeToo Impact College Coaches?

    by Patricia Babcock McGraw December 2017

    We are no longer waiting for "the other" shoe to drop in the sexual misconduct crisis rocking our country. We are waiting for "another" shoe to drop. We're all wondering the same thing: "Who's next?" Politicians have fallen.

  • Smart Mouthguard May Help Prevent Concussions

    by Andy Berg December 2017

    Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center believe they have the perfect tool for studying and possibly preventing concussions in athletes.

  • Patriots' Gronkowski Apologizes for Dirty Play

    by Jay Skurski December 2017

    Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski apologized for a late hit Sunday on Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White, blaming his reaction on "frustration."

  • S.C. State Player Hospitalized After Collapse

    by Steve Wiseman December 2017

    After receiving medical attention, including CPR, from emergency medical personnel, South Carolina State senior guard Tyvoris Solomon was conscious, stabilized and transported to Rex Hospital in Raleigh.

  • USD Faculty Propose Ban of Division I Football Program

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

    At its monthly meeting, the Faculty Assembly of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of San Diego discussed “the prudence of an institution of higher education sanctioning an activity that may be dooming its participants to debilitation,” according to the San Diego Tribune.

  • Opinion: Thankful for CTE and Concussion Research

    by Dr. David Geier November 2017

    In the spirit of the holiday, I want to express thanks to brain researchers around the country. This month alone has brought numerous scientific discoveries about concussions and CTE.