• Three Athlete Safety Bills Await Passage in New Jersey

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    Lawmakers in New Jersey are close to passing a bill package that will go a long way toward improving safety for high school student-athletes.

  • NFL Shares Safety and Injury Data with NCAA Reps

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    The NFL hopes to increase collaboration with the NCAA in an effort to improve the safety of football for the athletes who participate in the sport.

  • District Athletic Trainer Reflects on 33-Year Career

    by Paul Steinbach June 2019

    When Kelly Hoke, fresh out of college in 1986, became the first athletic trainer in the Rome (N.Y.) City School District's history, she had one request: an ice machine. When cell phone technology emerged, she was the first district employee to ask for and receive a brick-like mobile device that allowed Hoke to be reached day and night while tending to student-athletes competing at various venues in grades 7 through 12. But nothing — not education or ice or state-of-the-art connectivity — could equip Hoke for the shock in 2015 of responding to her own son after he was knocked unconscious during an eighth-grade football game. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Hoke, who is retired May 24 from the only professional position she's ever held, about that emotional day and the changes she has witnessed in athletic training over the past 33 years.

  • Utah Devotes ‘Giving Day’ to Mental Health Efforts

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    The University of Utah is aiming to treat mental health issues the same as physical injuries, and the school hopes its Pac12 conference members will follow suit.

  • Study: Concussions Most Frequent Injury in Children

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    Children are sustaining concussions more than any other form of injury, according to a new study from PLOS ONE.

  • UH Launches Internal Investigation into Rhabdo Cases

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    The University of Houston has ordered an internal review of its policies and processes after new reporting detailed how a “punishment workout” left a women’s soccer player in a hospital for nearly five days. 

  • Extreme Exertion Can Lead to Injury, Liability

    by Kristi Schoepfer-Bochicchio June 2019

    In April, the head women's soccer coach at the University of Houston stated in an email to a parent that he was implementing several program changes to prevent injuries caused by physical punishment after 12 of his players experienced rhabdomyolysis. Diego Bocanegra went so far as to admit that one change involved removing mention of physical punishment from the team's weight room manual, leading some to question why such language was written policy in the first place.

  • New Technology Helps Athletes Stay Ahead of Injuries

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    New technology is helping diagnose athlete performance, allowing them to prevent injury by training to their weaknesses.

  • Visor Allows Kids with Eye Conditions to Play Football

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    Medical professionals at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have developed a new tinted visor for football helmets that will allow kids with medical-related light sensitivity to participate.

  • Concussion Management Top of Mind for Campus Rec

    by Michael Popke June 2019

    While campus recreation professionals have included concussion as part of their risk management strategy for years, they nevertheless received a wakeup call in 2016 when a large European re-insurance company indicated to its Canadian market that the rise in concussions-related lawsuits had them considering the exclusion of head trauma from its liability coverage for higher education institutions.