• Nike Shoe Malfunction Sidelines Duke Star

    by Andy Berg February 2019

    It was a high-profile televised game (North Carolina versus Duke) with famous attendees in the crowd (former President Barack Obama) in which one of the biggest stars in college basketball (Zion Williamson) suffered a knee injury due to the malfunction of a sneaker made by one of the most prominent athletic apparel brands in the United States (Nike).

  • Emerging Technologies Fuel Rehab, Recovery

    by Paul Steinbach February 2019

    When this article first appeared in AB Today on Tuesday, it contained incorrect information regarding the functionality of Cryo Innovations equipment. Cryo Innovations cryotherapy chambers utilize liquid nitrogen. The editors regret the error.

    One takeaway from baseball's steroid era is that performance-enhancing drugs themselves didn't bulk up Barry Bonds, but their recuperative properties allowed Bonds to hit the weight room more frequently — and hit home runs at a record clip. Later, the oft-injured Ryan Braun would turn to PEDs as a way to not necessarily enhance performance, or so he claimed, but at least secure his place in the lineup by slowing the process of his body breaking down.

  • Players Allege Abuse Against GCU Soccer Coach

    by Jason Scott February 2019

    Derek Leader, the head women’s soccer coach at Grand Canyon University, has been accused of mental and physical abuse by a number of his players.

  • Prep Basketball Team Forfeits over Safety Fears

    by Andy Berg February 2019

    An associate varsity basketball coach had to make the decision to forfeit a game over the weekend after a common foul devolved into an unsafe environment for his team.

  • U. of Houston Fires Strength Coach Over Rhabdo Cases

    by Paul Steinbach February 2019

    The University of Houston has fired strength coach Minor Bowens after a dozen women's soccer players experienced rhabdomyolysis following a recent workout.

  • Violent High School Soccer Game Raises Concerns

    by Andy Berg February 2019

    A particularly violent girls' high school soccer game in Florida set off alarm bells among some parents after gruesome pictures of injuries and aggressive play were posted on social media.  

  • Many Injured in High School Basketball Bus Crash

    by Andy Berg February 2019

    A West Virginia high school girl’s basketball team was lucky to emerge with only injuries after their bus overturned.

  • Why Teams and Organizations Need Concussion Insurance

    by Bob Murphy February 2019

    The science community's understanding of head trauma is rapidly evolving, and with that understanding comes improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related concussions, as well as advancements in player protection. As the science continues to improve, it is impacting the insurance needs and risk management practices of sports teams and leagues.

  • U. of Houston Women's Soccer Players Get Rhabdo

    by Paul Steinbach February 2019

    If you thought only football players were susceptible to rhabdomyolysis, think again.

  • School Investigates Hazing, Abuse Allegations

    by Andy Berg February 2019

    The Huntington (Tex.) Independent School District is looking into reports of possible hazing and sexual assault, relating to the high school baseball team.