• Pitt Among Final Bidders for Oakland Clubhouse

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    The Pittsburgh Athletic Association is seeking a buyer or development partner for its 124,000-square-foot Oakland clubhouse in an effort to resolve an accumulated $5 million in debt.

  • NC State Dismisses Players Amid Assault Inquiry

    by Thomasi McDonald August 2017

    Two N.C. State freshman football players have been dismissed from the team and three other players have been suspended as part of an investigation into reports of sexual assaults at a party last month. No charges have been filed in the case that stems from three reports of sexual assaults at Wolf Village on July 21. The five football players could face charges related to underage drinking and drugs, but Chief Jack Moorman of the N.C. State University Police Department did not say they are targets of the sexual-assault investigation. Antoine Thompson and Kevince Brown have been dismissed from the team, while Isaiah Moore, Erin Collins and Xavier Lyas have been suspended for violations of the Student Athlete Code of Conduct, head football coach Dave Doeren said.

  • D-II Conference Boots Up eSports Competition

    by Chris Gay August 2017

    The newest sports offering by the Columbia County-based Peach Belt Conference is one you won't find in a basketball arena or a soccer field. Instead, it's a game that's played on the computer.

  • Florida Gulf Coast Students Campaign to Add Football

    by Thyrie Bland August 2017

    Florida Gulf Coast University students Matthew Landers and Max Costanzo think they can do what some FGCU leaders are unwilling to try - bring football to the school. Landers and Costanzo are on a mission to start a student-run club football team. Their hope is the team will be the seed that leads to FGCU one day starting a NCAA team. "To be completely honest, sometimes at FGCU I feel we don't get that real college experience, like Florida State and all the bigger schools who have the football teams," Costanzo said. "It's not bad. I love being at FGCU, and I love how it's more tight-knit compared to those bigger schools, which is what I love."

  • NCAA President Emmert Talks College Athletics Issues

    by Laken Litman August 2017

    With the football season nearing, The Indianapolis Star sat with NCAA President Mark Emmert to discuss various issues surrounding college sports. Q: The NCAA recently instituted a new sexual violence policy, which was followed by eight U.S. senators writing a letter to the NCAA asking what it will take to develop a uniform policy dealing with recruits and transfers who have a history of sexual assault. What do you think? A: I think they're asking a lot of good and important questions, particularly questions that have to be answered in conjunction with the rest of higher education. This isn't an athletic issue, it's a higher ed issue. It's not even a higher ed issue, it's a societal issue, but we want to and what the committee (commissioned to combat campus sexual violence) is going to do, is work with higher education leaders so that athletics can be a leader in trying to drive some change around those kinds of questions.

  • Dayton Player Pleads Guilty to Reduced Charge

    by Will Garbe August 2017

    Suspended forward Sam Miller lost his UD scholarship after his July 30 arrest in Beavercreek. Suspended University of Dayton basketball player Sam Miller pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct Tuesday afternoon after an incident in the Greene County Jail that originally landed him with an assault charge.

  • UT-Chattanooga Names Mark Wharton Athletic Director

    by Gene Henley August 2017

    Going into last weekend, it was evident to many around the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus that Mark Wharton was the right choice to become the school's new vice chancellor and athletic director. Wharton, already named as one of the four finalists, was the second candidate last week to get his chance to tour the school and meet the staff. Georgia's Jim Booz was first, coming on Aug. 14; Wharton a day later, followed by Duke's Gerald Harrison the next day and Marshall's Jeff O'Malley on Friday. Yet some people's minds were made up Wednesday, once they had met with Wharton.

  • Citadel to Sell Beer at Football Games this Season

    by Jeff Hartsell August 2017

    Citadel football fans at the Bulldogs' home opener against Newberry on Sept. 2 will find something new at Johnson Hagood Stadium. A beer garden. The military school will sell beer during football games for the first time this season. Beer sales will be limited to a 500-person "beer garden" tent inside Johnson Hagood Stadium.

  • ISU Introduces VR Eye-Tracking Tech to the Sidelines

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    In light of recent studies suggesting a correlation between contact-sport brain injuries and long-term medical ailments, Iowa State University has enlisted the help of SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC technology to assess athletes’ readiness to return to play.

  • College Football Coaches Restrict Media Access

    by Doug Robinson August 2017

    With increasing frequency, football coaches are dictating much of the way journalists do their jobs. During fall camp, reporters, escorted and monitored by school officials as they venture into the football facilities, are on a short leash. They are told where they can go, whom they can talk to, how long they can talk to them, and what they are allowed to write, tell or show. They would write our stories for us, if we let them (mine is up for grabs to the highest bidder).