• Opinion: Iowa's New Football Tradition a Source of Pride

    by the Telegraph Herald September 2017

    For Hawkeyes football fans, construction work around the famed University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics next to the stadium has been a fact of life for years.

  • College Hockey Coaches Debate Recruiting Trends

    by Chip Scoggins September 2017

    Some top coaches and administrators in college hockey held a summit in Chicago recently to discuss possible rules changes in response to a trend of schools recruiting players in their early teens, or younger. Gophers coach Don Lucia represented Big Ten coaches on the new recruiting advisory committee, which consists of one coach, one administrator and the commissioner from all six hockey conferences. In a bit of irony, Lucia received verbal commitments from a 13-year-old and 14-year-old last week.

  • Hugh Freeze, Other Ole Miss Officials Meet with NCAA

    by Antonio Morales September 2017

    The doors of the John A. Roebling ballroom at the Embassy Suites finally flung open a few minutes before 6 p.m. Monday evening. Hugh Freeze exited the room. Lee Tyner, Ole Miss' general counsel, soon followed, as did Ross Bjork and others. Those exits marked the end of Day 1 of Ole Miss' long-awaited hearing before the Committee on Infractions.

  • Miami, Florida State Shift Games After Irma

    by Matt Porter September 2017

    The 17th-ranked Hurricanes' football game Saturday at Arkansas State was canceled, and this week's prime-time showdown with 11th-ranked Florida State was moved to Oct. 7, a date that was supposed to be an off week for both teams. The Oct. 12 game against Georgia Tech was pushed to Oct. 14.

  • Opinion: Money a Corrupt Influence on College Football

    by Norman Chad September 2017

    College football is so wrong for so many reasons and that's before we even get to the latest academic fraud at Florida State. It is money ill-spent and time ill-spent, an alarming hidden-in-broad-daylight repudiation of our institutions of higher learning's supposed core mission. Let's round up the usual suspects:

  • Arizona's Miller: New Transfer Rules Dangerous for Sport

    by Bruce Pascoe September 2017

    Since the NCAA quietly announced this week it will consider giving transfers immediate eligibility, a chorus of concern has arisen from college basketball coaches. Including Arizona's Sean Miller. "If that rule passed, college basketball and college sports would change in such a drastic way that the new model would be unrecognizable to fans, coaches, universities, student-athletes and eventually the TV networks," Miller told the Star. "I hope it never happens for all those who care about college sports." While the NCAA's study into relaxing transfer rules appears aimed at benefiting athletes, who would need to meet an as-yet-unspecified academic measure to qualify, coaches say there are consequences with current rosters and in a recruiting world that is already increasingly fluid.

  • Vanderbilt Hopes to 'Create Opportunities' for HBCUs

    by Autumn Allison September 2017

    Disparity in college athletics is nothing new. College football just has shinier and more glaring examples of it.

  • Investment Pays Off for Washington State Football

    by Brent Schrotenboer September 2017

    This is what a serious investment project looks like in major college football — a five-story, $61 million building with two full-time chefs, a mini-barbershop and...

  • Colorado Coach Sued Over Handling of Abuse Claims

    by Colorado Springs Gazette September 2017

    A woman who accused a former University of Colorado assistant football coach of domestic violence is suing the head coach and several university officials, claiming they knew of the abuse and tried to cover it up.

  • USC's Blind Long Snapper Describes Football Journey

    by Amy Donaldson September 2017

    Jake Olson may not be able to see their faces, but he can feel their emotions, and he understands that has become the hero he once saw in other USC football players.