• How Video Applications Are Changing Sports

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    It used to be that when football coaches wanted to see how a play broke down, they'd look at still images: pre-snap, during the snap, post-snap. Some old-school coaches still prefer it this way, according to Justin Rudd, executive vice president for sales and marketing at DV Sport, but new applications for video technology have made such tactics seem antiquated.

  • MAC Commissioner Discusses Student-Athlete Mental Health

    by Paul Steinbach April 2019

    Want to know what's on the minds of collegiate student-athletes? Ask them. That's just what Mid-American Conference commissioner Jon Steinbrecher did following the 2013-14 academic year, when he sought direction from MAC athletes regarding issues his office could better address. Their response steered the league to the national forefront of mental health awareness and promotion in the form of its recurring Mental Health Summit and Mental Health Awareness Week. This year, the MAC's third summit gathered dozens of student-athletes, coaches, administrators, faculty and medical experts to discuss the prevention of self-harm and suicide. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Steinbrecher to open up about the conference's ongoing efforts.

  • College Recreation Works to Launch Esports Programs

    by Michael Popke April 2019

    If you think the esports competitions sweeping college campuses these days are nothing more than a passing fad, consider this: More than 100 cities bid for the opportunity to host the 2019 National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) National Convention.

  • Players Rally to Support Coach Accused of Abuse

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    After being accused of abusive behavior by a senior member of the team, some players are rallying to the defense of Northern Kentucky women’s basketball coach Camryn Whitaker.

  • Madness: Colgate Pep Band Replaced by OSU Imposters

    by Paul Steinbach March 2019

    The Colgate University men's basketball team made a respectable showing against second-seeded Tennessee in a South Region NCAA tournament game last Friday, losing 77-70. The Colgate pep band, however, made no showing at all.

  • Ohio State Targets Athletes with Leadership Institute

    by Paul Steinbach March 2019

    The Ohio State University athletic department announced this week details of its new Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute, designed to enhance student-athletes' professional development.

  • CMU Coach Accused of Directing Gymnast to Lie

    by Jason Scott March 2019

    University of Central Michigan head gymnastics coach Jerry Reighard has been on administrative leave since Feb. 20, and new documents obtained by student newspaper Central Michigan Life via a Freedom of Information Act request may shed some light as to why.

  • Parents of Student Killed by Hammer Throw Sue NCAA

    by Jason Scott March 2019

    The parents of a Wheaton (Ill.) College student who was killed by an errant hammer throw in April 2017 have filed a lawsuit against the NCAA, according to

  • Abuse Allegations Emerge Against NKU Hoops Coach

    by Jason Scott March 2019

    A women’s basketball player at Northern Kentucky University has alleged that head coach Camryn Whitaker has been emotionally and verbally abusive to members of the team.

  • Wellness Talks Boost Syracuse Women's Hoops

    by Jason Scott March 2019

    Members of Syracuse University’s women’s basketball team participate in a unique campus program in which they regularly check-in with staff, just to talk.