• HS Football Player Dies After Breaking Neck in Game

    by Natalie Dreier November 2018

    High school football player Jeremiah Williams of Mississippi died after he broke two vertebrae in his neck trying to make a tackle during a game on Nov. 2.

  • Yoga Student Helps Stop Studio Shooting

    by Associated Press November 2018

    A man trying to stop a shooting attack on a Florida yoga studio said Sunday that he wrestled with the attacker after his gun jammed, a move credited with giving others time to flee the rampage that killed two people and wounded six others.

  • Quick-Thinking Athletes, Athletic Trainers Save Coach

    by Andy Berg October 2018

    A high school cross country coach was saved from death after he collapsed at the end of a practice this week.

  • Boy Dies After Electrocution at Sports Complex

    by Andy Berg October 2018

     A 12-year-old Georgia boy is dead after he was electrocuted Wednesday while climbing under a fence at an Augusta sports complex.

  • Volleyball Players Injured in Bus Mishap

    by Henry Metz October 2018

    Several students from East Haven High School's volleyball team sustained minor injuries Thursday night when antifreeze in a bus combusted and filled the vehicle with smoke.

  • What Prep Player Told First Responders Before His Death

    by Bob D'Angelo October 2018

    The Georgia high school football player who died Sunday night after suffering a brain injury two nights earlier told a first responder "I can't feel my body" before passing out, CNN reported.

  • Pop Warner Event Canceled After Reported Gunfire

    by Brian Zahn September 2018

    A team of young football players and cheerleaders from Milford never got to play Sunday after reported gunfire led to a cancellation of the day’s games in Rhode Island.

  • Personal Trainer's Death During Fitness Test Stuns Family

    by Angie Jackson September 2018

    Three days before his unexpected death, Jeff Tant posted his last photo to Instagram. The 35-year-old focused his gaze at the camera, his face glistening with sweat and his brow slightly furrowed. "Saturday evening at the track: 5x100m sprint 6x400m run," he captioned the selfie. Tant was training for a physical fitness test to become a Charleston police officer. The personal trainer and boxing instructor probably could've passed the agility test without any preparation, but he didn't want to just pass: He wanted to ace it. A longtime athlete with a competitive streak, Tant's loved ones said he was the epitome of health. He spent Saturday mornings leading clients through grueling CrossFit-style workouts in his backyard gym. One cellphone video showed him walking on his hands between rows of punching bags. And most times, when others reached for junk foods, he craved Greek salads.

  • HS Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Game, Dies

    by Courtney Mickens August 2018

    People in Byhalia, Mississippi are mourning the death of Dennis Mitchell, a high school football player, after he suffered cardiac arrest during a game and later died at the hospital.

  • Shooting at 'Madden' Event Claims Lives

    by Florida Times-Union August 2018

    A 24-year-old Maryland man opened fire Sunday in the middle of a video game tournament at Jacksonville's downtown waterfront mall, killing two people, injuring 11 more, then killing himself, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said. The shooting was connected to a "Madden NFL 19" video game tournament at Chicago Pizza in the Jacksonville Landing. David Katz, from Baltimore, was the lone suspect, who some witnesses said began shooting around 1:34 p.m., after losing in the tournament. Williams, who would not confirm the motive behind the shooting, said Katz used "at least one handgun" on the victims and himself.