• Athletic Trainers, First Responders Rescue Collapsed Ref

    by Robert Anderson February 2018

    Mark Strosnider, who has been officiating high school games in the Lynchburg area for more than 20 years, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest two minutes into the game.

  • Athletic Trainers Save Two at High School Games

    by Andy Berg February 2018

    The importance of having competent athletic trainers at games and practices was highlighted by the life-saving work they performed at two separate events last Friday.

    Jesuit College Prep student Christian Lerma collapsed during a soccer game against J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson (Tex.). A trainer from J.J. Pearce did CPR and used a defibrillator on Lerma, which saved his life.

    Tara Grubbs, the athletic trainer for J.J. Pearce, told Fox 4 that it was one of the scariest moments of her life. Grubbs was able to call for an AED, which she used on Lerma. Lerma was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. Information on what caused Lerma’s collapse was not available but Fox 4 reports that he will have a pacemaker put in on Tuesday.

    In White Plains (NY), another athletic trainer came to the rescue when an unnamed high school freshman basketball player went into cardiac arrest after falling awkwardly and hitting his head.

    From AB: Groups Urge California to Regulate Athletic Trainers

    "He landed, and when he landed on his back, he ended up smacking his head into the ground,” athletic trainer Max Anderson told News12.

  • UCSB Basketball Weathers Nuclear False Alarm

    by Andy Berg January 2018

    The University of California-Santa Barbara men’s basketball team got a rude awakening Saturday morning.

  • Paramedics Respond to Collapsed HS Player

    by Bill Beckner Jr. January 2018

    The result of a basketball game fell a distant second to the health and condition of Greensburg Salem sophomore guard Dante Parsons, who collapsed on Tuesday night.

  • Coach Intervenes to Stop Potential Bus Accident

    by Jason Scott January 2018

    A women’s college basketball coach is being credited with averting what might have been a tragic accident after taking control of a team bus after its driver lost consciousness.

  • LA Fitness Location Closed Due to Flooding

    by Courtney Cameron December 2017

    An LA Fitness in Portland, Ore., has been closed indefinitely due to flooding from a burst private water line. The three-story club saw flooding and damages to the street-level lobby, locker rooms and children’s center, as well as to a below-ground cardio fitness space.

  • Gym Members Evacuated During Carbon Monoxide Scare

    by Courtney Cameron November 2017

    Emergency responders were called to a South Asheville, N.C., strip mall around 9 p.m. Monday after multiple detectors sounded an alarm warning of high carbon monoxide levels.

  • Locker Room Fumes Reportedly Sicken HS Athletes

    by Jason Scott October 2017

    An ozone machine used to prevent mold and purify air is being blamed for creating fumes that overcame more than a dozen high school football players in a locker room Friday night.

  • Irma Threatens NFL, College Games

    by Andy Berg September 2017

    College and professional football teams in Florida and along the East Coast are likely flipping between opponents’ game footage and the Weather Channel. While her forecasted path is still uncertain, Hurricane Irma — now a Category 5 storm swirling in the Atlantic — has much of the Eastern Seaboard, from Florida north to the Carolinas, on notice.

  • Lineman Dies After Conditioning Drills at Kent State

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    In an official statement Tuesday evening, Kent State University confirmed the death of incoming freshman Tyler Heintz, who arrived on campus earlier in the week as a member of the football team’s recruiting class.