Product Spotlight 2017: Aquatic Components

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Ooa 811 Ab All Chem

AllChem Performance Products LP
The Vantage ACF Series, AllChem's line of calcium hypochlorite tablet feeders, has been developed based on the input of commercial aquatics facility operators to perform under the demanding conditions of modern aquatics facilities. AllChem can help pool operators update existing equipment or replace old liquid-chlorine systems.
(352) 378-9696



Ooj 516 Ab Lincoln

Lincoln Aquatics
The automatic self-propelled and self-contained vacuum from Lincoln Aquatics operates without the use of the labor traditionally required to physically clean a pool. Operators simply place the vacuum in the pool, let it work and then rinse the filter assembly when finished. This allows the staff to tend to other duties while the pool is being cleaned. The automatic vacuum is not only easy to use but ensures better cleaning compared to manual-operation vacuums.
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Ooc 717 Ab Extrac

Extractor Corp./SUITMATE
The SUITMATE® water extractor is an innovative system that removes 95 percent of the water from a wet swimsuit in eight seconds, without using heat. The SUITMATE® unit is a highly valued amenity not only for guests, but also for property owners, as it helps prevent water damage from dripping-wet swimsuits, resulting in a cleaner, dryer environment for all.
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Ooq 1117 Ab Col Time

Colorado Time Systems
Colorado Time Systems is pleased to introduce Gen7 — an all-new swim timing and scoring system. The Gen7 platform provides long-lasting technology that will save both time and money. Its software interface puts intuitive control of all levels of competition at the operator's fingertips. Combined with the distributed intelligence of the company's proprietary bus communication system, this software gives facilities the flexibility to run meets in a customized way.
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Ood 1117 Ab Alta

Alta Enterprises Inc.
The Alta Power Winder is designed to power existing thermal-pool-cover reel systems. Made of stainless steel and featuring automated functionality, the Power Winder makes the normally painstaking, manual process of deploying and retracting pool covers fast and effortless. Electronics and motors are in a water-resistant enclosure that maximizes corrosion protection, while the reel system retracts a large pool cover in minutes.
(800) 624-1235



Ool 1117 Ab Chlor King

ChlorKing's NEXGEN on-site chlorine generators and CHLOR SM salt chlorinators use salt to sanitize swimming pools without the safety and cost issues associated with bulk chlorine. ChlorKing systems prevent chlorine gas discharges by eliminating the need for chlorine, while adding a second layer of protection and chloramine control with Sentry UV lights. ChlorKing systems can last more than 10 years with proper maintenance and are backed by 36- and 60-month equipment supply and maintenance programs for new facilities and retrofits.
(800) 536-8180



Oom 1117 Ab Aq Creek

Aqua Creek Products LLC
The Ranger lift features a 350-pound weight capacity while maintaining a sleek, low-profile design. This lift is ideal for use on smaller pool decks where space may be limited. The Ranger is third-party-verified to comply with ADA standards. An economical choice, this lift comes standard with five-year structural and five-year prorated electronics warrantees. A solar charging station adds minimal maintenance and long-lasting use.
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