• Police Warn Fitness Patrons to Guard Against Thieves

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    Police in Henrico County, Virginia are warning the community about a string of smash-and-grab thefts targeting cars parked at fitness centers.

  • Planned Rec Center's Universal Locker Rooms Discussed

    by Paul Steinbach January 2019

    As parks and recreation officials in West Lafayette, Ind., ponder whether a planned rec center will become the first in the state with universal restroom facilities, signs exist of a split in opinion among residents.

    WLFI asked for feedback after community members gathered this week to view layout options for locker room and restroom design in a facility set to open in 2020, following a ground-breaking this spring. On one side is Nick Schenkel, director of the West Lafayette Public Library, who attended Tuesday's meeting to get ideas for an upcoming library remodeling project. "We want to make sure our facilities reflect the needs of the community as much as we possibly can," Schenkel said, adding that he was impressed by the plans. "It's a very good concept. It's perhaps even overdue in terms of being implemented, and what a fantastic time to do it."

    Plans would allow both genders inside the same locker room facility in lieu of separate men's and women's areas. Toilets, showers, sinks and changing areas would all be universal. Individual stalls would be able to be locked.

    That's not good enough for Michelle Robson, an Otterbein resident considering signing up for a rec center membership. If locker rooms in the new facility are not separated by gender, Robson said she will look for a different location. Her concerns center around her children. "I don't want them seeing undressed people of the opposite sex," Robson said. "And I don't want other people seeing my kids of the opposite sex that are undressed."   

  • HS Sports Equipment Thief Leaves Behind Apology Note

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    A Phoenix high school may have had some of its athletic equipment stolen, but at least it can rest easy knowing that whoever robbed them felt bad about it.

  • Rec Center Adjusts Age Restriction in Anti-Obesity Effort

    by Paul Steinbach January 2019

    The Bowling Green (Ohio) Parks and Recreation Department is changing its admission policy at the BG Community Center with the hope that allowing younger children to use the facility unattended by a guardian will encourage activity and help fight obesity.

  • Burglar Paid for Gym Day Pass, Broke into Lockers

    by Stephen T. Watson December 2018

    George Piha used a bolt cutter to break into fitness center lockers and take credit cards. He used the stolen cards to buy Apple-brand electronics, which he sold for cash.

  • HS Threatened After Alum Turns Down Louisville Job

    by Jason Scott November 2018

    Passionate sports fans love their teams and often do crazy things in support of them, but the situation involving Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm is really something else.

  • Gym Location Evacuated After Gas Explosion

    by Allie Griffin and Chris Perez November 2018

    A gas line exploded inside an Equinox gym on the Upper West Side early Sunday night, blowing out its front windows.

  • Body Discovered Near Levi's Stadium Where Fan Disappeared

    by Rebecca White November 2018

    A body was discovered Saturday afternoon a few miles away from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, where a U.S. Army veteran from Spokane disappeared during a football game.

  • Driver Misses Parking Spot, Drives Through YMCA

    by Jonathan Glover November 2018

    Annie Jones at first didn't understand the commotion taking place early Monday morning outside her local YMCA. Then she saw it: a hole, about the size of a car, in the front of the building, surrounded neatly by caution tape.

  • Family of Fallen Fan: Braves Knew Rails Were Unsafe

    by Bill Rankin November 2018

    When New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez strode to the plate, Greg Murrey rose to do what thousands of other fans were doing at Turner Field: lustily boo the controversial superstar. But Murrey never had the chance.