• Family of Fallen Fan: Braves Knew Rails Were Unsafe

    by Bill Rankin November 2018

    When New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez strode to the plate, Greg Murrey rose to do what thousands of other fans were doing at Turner Field: lustily boo the controversial superstar. But Murrey never had the chance.

  • What We Know About the Yoga Studio Shooter

    by Jeff Burlew November 2018

    "He seemed like he had more authority than a substitute teacher should have. And it was just strange because we'd never had a substitute that gave us extra work. We never had a substitute who put grades in the grade book."

  • Pro Football Stadiums Aim to Stem Fan Violence

    by Andy Berg November 2018

    The $1 million lawsuit filed this week by a Cowboys fan who was severely beaten at a game two years ago is yet another reason professional football stadium operators are trying their best to get fan violence under control. 

  • Man Charged for Tossing Sex Toy on Field at Bills Game

    by Aaron Besecker November 2018

    Buffalo Bills officials are looking into a second case of a sex toy being thrown onto the field during Monday night's game, the team said Wednesday, a day after a Florida man appeared in court after being accused of lobbing a similar item from the stands.

  • Customer Records Exposed by Gym Service Data Breach

    by Courtney Cameron October 2018

    Customer records have been compromised in a recent data breach at Mindbody. The popular gym and wellness scheduling service’s recently acquired fitness tracking company FitMetrix inadvertently exposed more than 113 million user records because its servers were not password-protected.

  • HS Coach Charged with Bringing Gun on Campus

    by Eric Peterson October 2018

    Bartlett High football coach charged with bringing gun onto campus Police arrested a 36-year-old volunteer football coach at Bartlett High School on Friday on allegations he brought an unloaded firearm onto school grounds where it was prohibited.

  • How Turnstiles Control Access at College Rec Centers

    by Andy Berg October 2018

    Controlling access to today's palatial college rec centers is a challenge. Effective monitoring and control of traffic into the facility requires a balance between security, providing a great guest experience and ensuring a complete picture of who is in the facility at all times and what they're doing there. One of the surest ways of maintaining that balance is through the use of a tried-and-true staple of facility access control — the turnstile. A deceptively simple but effective solution, today's turnstiles have come a long way, enabling integration with pretty much any management software, while employing a variety of identification types, from mag-stripe to biometrics. Here's a refresher on turnstiles, as well as a quick look at how two major universities have employed these automated sentinels in their facilities.

  • How Biometrics are Addressing Challenges in Ticketing and Access Control

    by Andy Berg October 2018

    After covering the wireless communications industry for 10 years, I've seen a lot of empty promises made on half-baked technology. The so-called mobile wallet, as pushed by Google, Apple and others, has been touted as the next big thing since 2009, but the majority of retail transactions are still made using plastic cards pulled from good old-fashioned leather wallets. Surprisingly, dependence on a smartphone is probably the one thing keeping the digital wallet from really gaining traction with consumers, which is precisely why biometrics hold such promise as a solution for ticketing and access control at sports venues: a device isn't necessary.

  • Single Suspect Tied to Locker Room Thefts at TCU, SMU

    by Paul Steinbach September 2018

    Police in Fort Worth, Texas, believe one man is on a collegiate locker room crime spree after items were stolen from football lockers at Southern Methodist University on Sept. 4 and then Texas Christian University one week later.

    Other schools in the state have been put on alert since thousands of dollars worth of electronics were taken from TCU football lockers Sept. 11 as the Horned Frogs practiced. A man wearing a backpack can be seen on security cameras in the Meyer-Martin Athletic Complex, seemingly avoiding eye-contact when in the presence of others. 

    “He’d walk to the locker room and if someone came out, he would just turn around and get on his phone,” TCU police detective Mike McCormack told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, adding that the person of interest didn't loiter. “He was in and out of there in 10 minutes. He knows what he’s doing.”

    TCU police released still images from the security cameras Monday, along with phone numbers to call with information on the suspect.

  • District Pilots 'Clear Bag or No Bag' Entry Procedure

    by Charleston Post & Courier September 2018

    Charleston County School District's "clear bag or no bag" entry procedure initiative is intended to enhance the safety of the thousands of spectators who will attend contests at the facility.