Police in Fort Worth, Texas, believe one man is on a collegiate locker room crime spree after items were stolen from football lockers at Southern Methodist University on Sept. 4 and then Texas Christian University one week later.

Other schools in the state have been put on alert since thousands of dollars worth of electronics were taken from TCU football lockers Sept. 11 as the Horned Frogs practiced. A man wearing a backpack can be seen on security cameras in the Meyer-Martin Athletic Complex, seemingly avoiding eye-contact when in the presence of others. 

“He’d walk to the locker room and if someone came out, he would just turn around and get on his phone,” TCU police detective Mike McCormack told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, adding that the person of interest didn't loiter. “He was in and out of there in 10 minutes. He knows what he’s doing.”

TCU police released still images from the security cameras Monday, along with phone numbers to call with information on the suspect.

Paul Steinbach is Senior Editor of Athletic Business.