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  • Thursday, October, 19, 2017
    Guilford College Coaches File Title IX Suit

    A lawsuit filed Thursday by current and former Guilford College coaches alleges systemic Title IX violations.

  • Thursday, October, 19, 2017
    Chicago Sports Venues Slam Mayor’s Exorbitant Taxes

    Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel is taking heat for slapping large concert and sports venues with a hefty amusement tax, while eliminating tariffs for smaller venues.

  • Thursday, October, 19, 2017
    Fans Embrace Spurs' Call for Unity, Equality

    Fans at the AT&T Center in San Antonio embraced a call for unity and equality posted on the arena’s message board before Wednesday night's matchup between the Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves.

  • Wednesday, October, 18, 2017
    NBA Sponsorships Up 7.8% Over Previous Year

    State Farm and Anheuser Busch are big fans of the NBA, so much so that they topped last year’s list of league sponsors.

  • Tuesday, October, 17, 2017
    Hockey Fans Decry Long Lines, Increased Security

    In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, safety is on everyone’s minds. But isn’t there a balance between security and inconvenience?

    That’s the question Minnesota State University hockey fans are asking after dealing with extremely long lines at the team’s season opener on Monday.

    Fans attending the MSU game versus St. Cloud State at Mankato’s Verizon Wireless Center were apparently extremely frustrated with the length of the lines.

    Kevin Buisman, MSU athletics director, told the Clinton Herald the problem was bad enough that he didn’t know how fans kept it together. "It was almost a paradox," Buisman told the Herald. "We're just lucky it didn't result in any mob mentality where people get frustrated to the point that they storm the doors or something." 

    Arena management apologized for the delay, saying the facility wasn’t ready for a capacity crowd and that security workers weren’t thoroughly trained to use metal-detecting wands.

    The Verizon Wireless Center tried to get the word out that fans should expect longer lines, asking them to arrive earlier. Officials from MSU, the City of Mankato and the Verizon Wireless Center were set to meet Monday to discuss the problem. 

    Burt Lyman, Verizon Wireless Center director, told the Mankato, Minnesota Free Press that the shooting in Las Vegas was a game-changer. "Since the shooting in Las Vegas, we've had our three largest promoters — and actually the largest promoter in the country — say 'You'll have to have metal detectors and wands and possibly bomb-sniffing dogs or we won't be playing your building.' ”

  • Tuesday, October, 17, 2017
    Columbus Crew Exploring Austin as Relocation Option

    Columbus, Ohio, may be losing its Major League Soccer franchise to Texas.

  • Thursday, October, 12, 2017
    Moles, Skunks Force High School Football Move

    A high school football team is being forced out of its home field by an inundation of varmints.

  • Thursday, October, 12, 2017
    FBI Subpoenas OSU for ‘Mountain’ of Documents

    The FBI is taking to the next level its investigation of NCAA basketball.

  • Thursday, October, 12, 2017
    Microchips Suggested as Anti-Doping Solution

    Microchips are used to track lost pets, so why can’t they be used to mitigate doping in professional sports?

  • Wednesday, October, 11, 2017
    College QB Kicked Off Team for Taking Anthem Knee

    A college quarterback from a Division III school has been relieved of his duties after he knelt during the national anthem.