Andy Berg
Andy Berg ( joined Athletic Business as Executive Editor in May of 2017. Andy brings 10 years of B2B publishing experience to AB. In 2008, he began as an associate editor for Advantage Business Media’s Wireless Week brand, which covers the wireless communications industry. From there, Andy took over the executive editor position at Wireless Week and CED Magazine. In 2015, Andy moved within Advantage Business Media to become Editorial Director for the company’s Manufacturing vertical, which is comprised of seven brands positioned across the manufacturing sector.
  • Wednesday, July, 18, 2018
    UNLV Short on Funds for New Football Facility

    Construction of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ new Fertitta Football Complex has hit a snag.

  • Tuesday, July, 17, 2018
    Mizzou Tutor Ready to Reveal Names in Fraud Case

    A former tutor for the University of Missouri says she’s ready to release the names of athletes for whom she took tests and completed assignments. 

  • Friday, July, 13, 2018
    PHIT Act Clears Another Hurdle

    Congress is moving forward with legislation that would promote fitness by offering tax breaks on everything from fitness equipment to yoga classes.

  • Thursday, July, 12, 2018
    New Tariffs Impacting Facilities, Equipment Prices

    Whether you’re looking to buy a new baseball glove or build a new stadium, President Donald Trump’s trade war could be of concern.

  • Thursday, July, 12, 2018
    Vernon Smith Talks Strength and Motivation

    Vernon Smith is a strong guy. In fact, he's probably in the top 1 percent of the population in terms of sheer physical strength. As the head strength and conditioning coach at NAIA Marian University in Indianapolis, he's proud to walk the walk for the student-athletes he trains and mentors. AB executive editor Andy Berg asked Smith how he got into strength training, as well as how he motivates his student-athletes in the gym and beyond.

  • Tuesday, July, 10, 2018
    New NFL Rule Restricts Options for Snow Removal

    A new NFL rule will make it harder for teams to clear snow from the field during inclement weather.

  • Monday, July, 09, 2018
    Basketball Team Attacks Ref in Amateur Tournament

    An Under-17 basketball game devolved into a brawl when players attacked a referee during the semifinals of The Association tournament at the Lake Point Sports Complex in Emerson, Georgia. 

  • Tuesday, July, 03, 2018
    Big Ten Proposes National Football Injury Report

    College athletics continue to adjust to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to essentially legalize sports gambling, as the Big Ten this week asked the NCAA to consider developing a weekly national football injury reporting system.

  • Tuesday, July, 03, 2018
    Letter from the Editor: What's Behind a Brand?

    Golden arches, crispy fries, a red-haired clown — these otherwise disparate items make sense together because of one company's carefully crafted branding strategy. Today, colleges — even high schools — are tasked with honing their own brands in ways similar to what McDonald's has done.

  • Monday, July, 02, 2018
    NIRSA Event Predicts Challenges Ahead for College Rec

    Even as some analysts sing the praises of America’s economic recovery, colleges and universities across the country are girding for a major aftershock of the 2008 recession, one that may not be felt until sometime around 2025.

  • Wednesday, November, 08, 2017
    Letter from the Editor: Common Ground

    It's an interesting time to be part of this industry. In recent months, sport has again realized its platform as an effective channel for social and cultural debate. Whether or not you feel strongly about protests taking place on the sidelines of NFL games — and those at the college and high school levels — it's hard to ignore that this industry finds itself at the epicenter of a politically charged conversation.

  • Monday, October, 09, 2017
    Letter from the Editor: Never Lose Perspective

    Perspective is everything. It's a phrase that went through my head more than once as we put together our annual Facilities of Merit® issue.