Andy Berg
Andy Berg ( joined Athletic Business as Executive Editor in May of 2017. Andy brings 10 years of B2B publishing experience to AB. In 2008, he began as an associate editor for Advantage Business Media’s Wireless Week brand, which covers the wireless communications industry. From there, Andy took over the executive editor position at Wireless Week and CED Magazine. In 2015, Andy moved within Advantage Business Media to become Editorial Director for the company’s Manufacturing vertical, which is comprised of seven brands positioned across the manufacturing sector.
  • Thursday, March, 21, 2019
    Alabama Approves Massive Salaries for Football Staff

    The University of Alabama Wednesday ensured that head football coach Nick Saban’s assistant coaches are well compensated.

  • Thursday, March, 21, 2019
    Planet Fitness Opens Doors to Flood Victims

    Planet Fitness has offered a helping hand to those affected by the devastating floods in Nebraska.

  • Thursday, March, 21, 2019
    Only Grass Pitches Allowed at 2023 Women’s World Cup

    FIFA has decided to nix synthetic turf fields at the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The stipulation was included in requirements sent to those countries bidding for the international tournament.  

  • Wednesday, March, 20, 2019
    Anxiety Hampering Americans’ Fitness Goals

    While Americans may need more exercise, they apparently have some anxieties to circumvent before they can get their bodies moving.

  • Wednesday, March, 20, 2019
    Texas Governor Abbott Orders Admissions Probes

    In the wake of the federal admissions-bribery scandal, the governor of Texas is ordering all public universities and colleges in the state to perform a careful examination of their admissions policies. 

  • Wednesday, March, 20, 2019
    Canada Announces National Concussion Strategy

    Canada, the country known for its hard-hitting hockey players, this week announced a national concussion strategy, which officials say will help protect the nation’s athletes from sports-related concussions.

  • Tuesday, March, 19, 2019
    San Diego Tennis Player Suspended for Gambling

    A University of San Diego tennis player has been suspended over gambling violations just as university and government officials across the country mull the impact of new sports gambling laws.

  • Tuesday, March, 19, 2019
    Unvaccinated Student Sues over Basketball Ban

    An unvaccinated student in Kentucky who was barred from playing basketball is now suing the regional health department.

  • Monday, March, 18, 2019
    Watch: Stemming the Abuse of Youth Sports Officials

    A recent column in the Treasure Coast Palm by Laurence Reisman puts a spotlight on the alarming increase in coach and fan violence in youth sports, much of it directed at game officials. Athletic Business recently ran a story about former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy berating a team of officials at a youth basketball game, and that's just one of many incidents that has lead to a massive shortage in quality officials in all sports. A survey by the National Association of Sports Officials found that 75 percent of referees who quit cite "adult behavior" as the primary cause. 

  • Monday, March, 18, 2019
    Augie’s Quest Raises Another $1.9M Toward ALS Cure

    Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, a nonprofit committed to changing the experience of thousands living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by fast-tracking effective treatments and an ultimate cure, returned to San Diego on Friday for the 14th Annual BASH celebration. 

  • Wednesday, November, 08, 2017
    Letter from the Editor: Common Ground

    It's an interesting time to be part of this industry. In recent months, sport has again realized its platform as an effective channel for social and cultural debate. Whether or not you feel strongly about protests taking place on the sidelines of NFL games — and those at the college and high school levels — it's hard to ignore that this industry finds itself at the epicenter of a politically charged conversation.

  • Monday, October, 09, 2017
    Letter from the Editor: Never Lose Perspective

    Perspective is everything. It's a phrase that went through my head more than once as we put together our annual Facilities of Merit® issue.