Jason Scott
Jason Scott (jason@athleticbusiness.com) joined the Athletic Business team as the Online Managing Editor in 2015. Before joining AB, Jason worked as the social media manager for a small business, and before that he was a radio producer working with local talk shows and live sports broadcasts. When he's not at work, Jason enjoys reading, podcasts, sports, sophomoric TV cartoons, and long walks on the beach. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. 
  • Wednesday, January, 06, 2016
    High School Basketball Coach Hits Referee

    A Pennsylvania high school basketball coach was placed on leave and could face harsher punishment after hitting an official during a heated moment of a game.

  • Tuesday, January, 05, 2016
    Youth Soccer League Sues NFL Over Field Use

    The NFL plans to transform the turf at a youth soccer complex next to Levi’s Stadium into a space for media broadcasts for the upcoming Super Bowl, but representatives of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League plan to fight them.

  • Wednesday, December, 23, 2015
    Hawaii Basketball Gets Three Year Probation

    An NCAA investigation found that former University of Hawaii men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold violated conduct rules and provided misleading information to the governing body, earning the program three years of probation.

  • Tuesday, December, 22, 2015
    Judge: Paralyzed Player’s Case Against Pop Warner Can Proceed

    A California judge has ruled that a teenage football player who was paralyzed following an on-field hit can take his case against the Pop Warner organization to trial.

  • Monday, December, 21, 2015
    Athletic Business’ Top 10 (Plus One) Stories of 2015

    As we close the book on another year, let’s look back on some of 2015’s most popular stories. From new stadiums to athlete safety, 2015 provided a wide range of stories from across the athletics, fitness and recreation industry.

  • Monday, December, 21, 2015
    HS Wrestler Dies After Collapsing During Tournament

    A Spencer, Iowa, high school wrestler died after collapsing to the mat at a tournament in his hometown.

    Austin Roberts fell after an injury timeout during the final minute of the 220-pount title match at the Spencer Invitational. Roberts was wrestling an athlete from Sioux Center high school, who had recently accepted a football scholarship to the University of Minnesota.

  • Friday, December, 18, 2015
    Court Collision Invokes Little-Known Concussion Rule

    Two Pennsylvania high school basketball teams got schooled during a game Thursday night, but it wasn’t by a wicked crossover or fancy no-look pass.

  • Tuesday, December, 15, 2015
    Coach Who Ordered Ref Hit Gets Probation

    Mack Breed, a former assistant football coach at John Jay High School in Texas, issued a guilty plea on misdemeanor assault charges on Monday.

    Breed was accused of ordering his players to hit a referee during a game. Video of the incident, showing players Michael Moreno and Victor Rojas blindsiding official Robert Watts went viral, drew national media attention.

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  • Tuesday, December, 15, 2015
    Blog: Missouri Scholarship-Pulling Bill Is Asinine

    While checking Twitter yesterday as I often do during the afternoon, I noticed some reporters that I follow out of Columbia, Mo. (the home of my alma mater, the University of Missouri) tweeting about a proposed bill in the state legislature that would automatically revoke the scholarship of any athlete who refuses to play for reasons not related to health. It would also call for coaches who support such strikes to be fined by their institution.

  • Monday, December, 14, 2015
    Japan Gets Sneak Peek of Olympic Facility Proposals

    Design proposals by two groups competing for a lucrative contract to build a stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were revealed today.

    The Japan Sports Council released the designs today. View them here.