• Arlington Tops List of Fittest Cities

    by Shelby Fleig May 2018

    The 11th annual ACSM fitness index awarded the urban hub the top ranking thanks to residents' healthy behaviors. The city's relatively low smoking rate of 5.9% pales in comparison with the 15% average of the 100 largest cities.

  • Working in Fitness: Reflections on the Journey

    by Sarah Kosch May 2018

    Some of their paths have taken surprising turns. Some work in the gym, others are administrators or consultants. Some teach transferable skills to student employees and some are at the front of the room, directing participants to leave their stress at the door and spend an hour thinking only about their bodies and the way they can move.

  • Can Sprint 8 Program Help the Body Attack Cancer Cells? (sponsored)

    by Phil Campbell, Creator of Sprint 8 April 2018

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    It might surprise you to hear that high-intensity interval training could help fight cancer, but recent findings suggest just that. While HIIT programs like Sprint 8 have been proven to help burn fat and build muscle through the release of growth hormone, they also achieve an adrenal response that strengthens the immune system in a way that has been shown to target tumors in mice.1

  • Survey Finds HIIT Workouts Lead Fitness Trends

    by Jim Swenson April 2018

    A survey by the American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal found that high-intensity interval training would be the No. 1 trend in 2018. It was followed by group training.

  • Turn Heads in Your Facility - Add Olympic Lifting to GroupX Classes with The Axle (sponsored)

    by Team Power Systems April 2018

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    The UFC Gym in New York City's New Hyde Park has almost 10,000 members. When you walk in on a typical Monday at 6:00 p.m. it feels like half of them are there to kick the week off strong. There is a lot happening: Powerlifting, MMA, small group training and a full display of Instagram-inspired ‘look great while I’m doing it’ moves. The training floor, it seems, is where you go to see and be seen.

  • How Gyms Can Use Virtual Reality to Motivate Members

    by Andy Berg April 2018

    Club members don't renew their memberships when they falter on the initial momentum of a new year's resolution. As daily workouts slowly lose their luster, the gym itself begins to feel like a torture chamber. An owner can ensure the equipment is state-of-the-art, the gym is well kept, the staff is polite, and there are always plenty of clean towels, but when it comes to ensuring that her customers are motivated to return, retention efforts have their limits.

  • 'Black Panther' Inspires Fitness Instructor's New Workout

    by Laura Kelly April 2018

    Marvel's blockbuster "Black Panther" has inspired a local fitness instructor to devise a special workout for women and heart health research. "What prompted me to do the Wakanda workout of course, the movie is a worldwide phenomenon right now but also there are these really fit people in these movies, especially these black women," said D.C. fitness trainer Victor Price, whose very real regimen is named after the fictional African country ruled by the movie's hero. Over the month of March, Mr. Price held three charity fitness classes at Fitness Snob studios in Northeast. They included a yoga class, a shred class (mixing high intensity aerobics and weightlifting) and culminated in the Wakanda workout, inspired by "Black Panther's" all-female security force, the proud and fierce Dora Milaje.

  • Focusing on Student-Athletes' Mental Health

    by Jason Scott April 2018

    College athletics has never been bigger business, and the resulting pressure on student-athletes to perform at a high level can take its toll.

  • The World’s First Energy Producing Treadmill (Sponsored)

    by AB Editors March 2018

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    SportsArt is introducing a new revolutionary model to our ECO-POWR™ line where form doesn’t just meet function, it embraces it in our most stunning and inviting design: VERDE, the only energy-producing treadmill in the industry.

  • Columnist: Depressive Symptoms Can Be Helped by Exercise

    by Angie Ferguson March 2018

    Depression affects approximately 16.2 million American adults and more than over 2.8 million teens each year. Less than half of those diagnosed access treatment, making the role of exercise even more pivotal as an alternative therapy.