• NHL Alarmed at Blood Clot Diagnoses

    by Laura Albanese January 2018

    Chris Kreider's season was interrupted abruptly, and seemingly without warning. On Dec. 27, the Rangers forward was forced to leave the game against the Washington Capitals after the first period. He had pain in his right arm, but as far as anyone could tell, there was no hit or incident that led to the injury. That is, until the next day, when doctors discovered that the pain was being caused by a blood clot that had caused the arm to swell. But as strange as it may sound to those outside the National Hockey League, Kreider's injury was no fluke. Blood clot diagnoses have become an alarming trend in the NHL. Though the league tends to hold back injury information, there are at least 11 players known to have been diagnosed with some form of the condition since 2008. There are different causes of blood clots, but, doctors say, Kreider's is not typically associated with playing hockey.

  • UNL Rec Sees Participation Boom with Free Week

    by Courtney Cameron January 2018

    In the first week of the semester — especially in the season of resolutions — the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Campus Recreation Center is experiencing a participation boom.

  • Eight Fitness Trends for 2018

    by Pete McCall January 2018

    This article was republished with permission from the American Council on Exercise. View the original here.

    This is the perfect opportunity to gaze into the future and attempt to predict what will happen in the fitness industry over the coming year.

  • Mayweather Unveils VR Fitness Program

    by Andy Berg January 2018

    Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather on Tuesday unveiled a new high-tech fitness program that follows on the trend toward "virtual" fitness experiences.

  • Docs: Fitness Apps Won't Tip the Scale for Obesity

    by Lindsay Kalter January 2018

    A fitness-app craze could be leading people to New Year’s resolution dead-ends, local doctors say, while obesity is still skyrocketing nationwide. “We look at fitness trackers and it’s important to recognize just because we see an increase in activity, we don’t see significant changes in weight,” said Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, an obesity medicine doctor from the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center. “We do see consistent increases in obesity — we’ve reached pandemic levels.”

  • Equinox Bets on Boxing-Inspired Company Rumble

    by Jennifer Gould Keil January 2018

    Equinox, believing boxing-inspired group fitness will become the next big thing, just picked up a "significant minority" stake in Rumble, a 12-month-old fitness company with a boxing mentality.

  • Spokane Fitness Expo Features Diverse Offerings

    by Jonathan Glover January 2018

    It's no secret why the Spokane Health and Fitness Expo falls in the dead of January. For gyms, the first few weeks of the year is hunting season.

  • Minor League Ball Club Offers Goat Yoga

    by The Salt Lake Tribune January 2018

    What to do with a new $71 million minor league baseball stadium during the winter? If you’re the Hartford Yard Goats, the Double-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, you turn to real goats. Time for goat yoga class.

  • Life Time Fitness Bans Cable News at All Clubs

    by Andy Berg January 2018

    Life Time doesn't want its clientele worrying about the news while working up a sweat.

  • ‘New Year, Nude You’ at SoHo’s Hanson Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron January 2018

    While many fitness spaces enforce dress codes specifically tailored to minimize skin contact with equipment and gym surfaces, Hanson Fitness of New York is ringing in the new year by launching a new, nude workout class.