• Luxury Fitness Brands Break Into Media Business

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    High-end fitness companies such as Equinox and SoulCycle are leveraging the strength of their brands to enter into an entirely new business: media.

  • After CrossFit Mania, Repair or Replace Gym Floor?

    by Paul Pleshek April 2019

    Editors Note: This article originally appeared in our sister publication, Wood Floor Business. Read the full original piece here.

    The Problem

    I was commissioned by an insurance company to determine if a gym floor was able to be repaired and refinished or if the entire floor required replacement. The claim was a "subrogation" issue, which is when a claimant's insurance company contacts another insurance company for reimbursement. Most often in subrogation claims, the purpose of the inspection is to confirm cause and determine extent of the damage, as the reason for the damage is not always in dispute.CrossFit event damages wood sport court [Image courtesy]

    What Happened

    This case involved a wood basketball court of 21⁄4-inch maple strip nailed to a wood substrate. It was located in a school gym that had been rented out for a CrossFit competition. Mats had been placed over the floor where the weightlifting competition was held. The weights were lifted overhead and often dropped on the floor, breaking boards. The school system had replacement coverage, but the renters had a repair policy. I was asked to address whether there was enough wood left to resand the entire floor if the broken boards were replaced. The floor was approximately 40 years old and, according to building maintenance staff, had been refinished, although they were unsure how many times.

    The Inspection

    The cause of the problem wasn't in dispute—the flooring clearly had damage from the impact of the competition weights. The flooring had open areas at the time of the inspection, so both overall thickness of the flooring as well as the remaining wear layer (over the top of the tongue) could be easily measured. I found there was a full ¼ inch of wood left in the wear layer. On inspection of the perimeter of the room, I found old finish under the bleachers. The change was abrupt and consistent with sander marks, indicating the bleachers were not removed for refinishing. There was also some water damage around the water fountain and patch repairs throughout, so it was clear the floor had been repaired previously.

    Read how to fix the floor on our sister publication, Wood Floor Business

  • Integrating Health and Wellness into Rec Programming

    by Kate Rampone April 2019

    Integrating health and wellness into fitness and recreation has been an emerging trend filled with the promise of a healthier and happier future for college-age students. Overall health is multifaceted and should incorporate physical, mental and social aspects, all of which contribute to feelings of wellbeing. Holistic wellbeing has become an especially hot topic in college recreation because of the target demographic and the impacts of physical, mental and social health on student success.

  • Opinion: Esports Should Be Called Fsports

    by Jim Baugh April 2019

    What do top sports brands, the International Olympic Committee, and many collegiate athletic directors all have in common? They are investing and promoting Esports, aka, the ‘anti-sports.’  Esports are tearing down the fabric of the sports industry and they represent short-term financial gains for companies that cater to these gamers.  It’s like a money grab. This issue is bothering me so much I had to try to wake up the industry with these seven points:

  • Anxiety Hampering Americans’ Fitness Goals

    by Andy Berg March 2019

    While Americans may need more exercise, they apparently have some anxieties to circumvent before they can get their bodies moving.

  • Study: Starting Exercise Mid-Life Reduces Health Risks

    by Andy Berg March 2019

    A new study published by JAMA Network Open, a weekly journal of the American Medical Association, reveals that it’s really never too late to start exercising and doing so can dramatically reduce your chances of dying of cancer or heart problems. 

  • Survey: Fitness Spending, Routines Changing

    by Andy Berg March 2019

    Americans are spending less on fitness and choosing different activities, according to new survey data from aSweatLife, which has surveyed 500 people annually over the past three years about their fitness habits.

  • Emerging Technologies Fuel Rehab, Recovery

    by Paul Steinbach February 2019

    When this article first appeared in AB Today on Tuesday, it contained incorrect information regarding the functionality of Cryo Innovations equipment. Cryo Innovations cryotherapy chambers utilize liquid nitrogen. The editors regret the error.

    One takeaway from baseball's steroid era is that performance-enhancing drugs themselves didn't bulk up Barry Bonds, but their recuperative properties allowed Bonds to hit the weight room more frequently — and hit home runs at a record clip. Later, the oft-injured Ryan Braun would turn to PEDs as a way to not necessarily enhance performance, or so he claimed, but at least secure his place in the lineup by slowing the process of his body breaking down.

  • ECO-POWR Line Turns Human Energy Into Electricity (Sponsored)

    by AB Editors February 2019

    This sponsored content was provided by SportsArt. What is sponsored content?

    SportsArt’s latest revolution in green fitness equipment combines the energy-producing ECO-POWR technology with an elegant Italian design. Workout for a healthy body, a healthy planet, and to #PowerAMovement.

  • After Controversy, Fitness Center to Allow Crop Tops

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    St. Thomas University of Fredericton, NB, has released a new policy regarding appropriate attire at the J.B. O’Keefe Fitness Centre, two months after a crop top worn by a female student caused a small controversy.