• Opinion: Banning Preps from Protesting Wrongheaded

    by Michael Williams January 2018

    Job One in any educational institution should be to stimulate learning, not stifle dissent. High school sports is an extracurricular activity, but we call its participants student-athletes, and their learning shouldn't be limited to the classroom.

  • Why HS Coaches Who Mismanaged Funds Weren't Fired

    by Adam Regan January 2018

    Jeff Hanlon and Marjorie Hanlon remain Lee County School District employees following an investigation that determined the former Estero High football coach and his wife mismanaged over $9,000 associated with the football and booster programs.

  • Schools Agree on Cooperative Football Deal

    by The Union Leader January 2018

    Students at Oyster River High School will be able to play football at Portsmouth High School under a cooperative agreement approved by the school board Wednesday night.

  • Declining Wrestling Participation Concerns Some

    by Corey Desiderio January 2018

    The number of boys wrestling has decreased each year since 2010-11, according to surveys by the National Federation of State High School Associations. That number of 273,732 decreased to 244,804 in 2016-17, the lowest since there were 243,009 wrestling in 2004-05.

  • Proposal Seeks to Lengthen HS Hockey Season

    by David LaVaque January 2018

    Two proposals, one to start the boys' hockey high school season two weeks earlier, another to increase length of periods, represent the latest effort to keep more Minnesota prep standouts home to participate in the state's flagship sport.

  • Sponsored Video: Using a ScoreVision Multimedia Jumbotron Scoreboard to Increase Athletic Revenue in 2018

    by AB Editors January 2018

    This sponsored content was paid for by ScoreVision. What is sponsored content?

    Athletic budgets can be stretched pretty thin between equipment, facility rentals, coaching staff, and all the other expenses that go into making an amazing athletic program for student-athletes. ScoreVision is working with schools across the country to alleviate these budget issues and generate continuous revenue through their integrated digital ad sequencing technology.

  • Florida ADs Endorse 40-Second Football Play Clock

    by Jodie Wagner January 2018

    During a meeting Wednesday of the Florida High School Athletic Association's Athletic Director Advisory Committee, the group endorsed a handful of proposals that would affect the sport beginning this fall.

  • HS Coaches Abruptly Resign After Car Vandalized

    by Laura Zuckerman January 2018

    The Salmon High School girls basketball varsity and junior varsity coaches abruptly resigned Thursday, effective immediately, after the varsity coach's vehicle was vandalized, sparking safety concerns and suspending the season, at least for the moment, the school's athletic director said.

  • Girls Wrestling Makes Gains in Wisconsin

    by Mark Stewart January 2018

    There is a kick-butt element to wrestling that most of the sport's competitors have and Raquel Rojano, despite appearances, is no different. The sophomore with the glasses from Milwaukee Reagan is tiny and soft-spoken, but inside her burns the kind of spirit that fuels many in the sport. She loves to battle. "I always wanted to do a combat sport," she said.

  • Football Coach Fired for Mismanaging Booster Money

    by Adam Regan January 2018

    Estero High football coach Jeff Hanlon was fired from his coaching position and restricted from coaching within Lee County following the results of an investigation into misconduct by the Lee County School District that included mismanaged finances associated with the football and booster programs and the failure to follow appropriate concussion protocol.