• Boys Denied Chance to Compete in Girls Gymnastics

    by Bob Herzog October 2017

    Two Long Island high school boys are being denied a chance to compete in gymnastics this season because there isn't a boys team and they are considered too good to compete on the girls team. Liam Summers, a 15-year-old sophomore at Connetquot High School, and Christian Berbert, a 15-year-old sophomore at Commack High School, are not allowed to compete this season because rules prohibit a boy from competing in a girls sport if he has too great a competitive advantage, according to Tom Combs, the executive director of Section XI, Suffolk County's governing body of sports. Girls gymnastics is a varsity sport throughout New York State, but boys gymnastics was discontinued on Long Island in 2003 because there weren't enough boys to field teams. If a boy or girl wants to play a sport that is not available to them, they can apply to compete in the comparable sport for the other gender, but only after being approved by their school, league and section. The state refers to this as "mixed competition."

  • HS Team, Coach Focus on Games During Investigation

    by Miguel Rodriguez October 2017

    Senior night at Lake Shore is much like senior night for most high school football teams. It's a joyful event that coach Drew Takacs looks forward to annually, but perhaps not as much as he did Thursday night.

  • Lessons from HS Students' Anthem Protests

    by Evan Barnes October 2017

    By now, we've seen the ripple effects of Colin Kaepernick's protest reach high school sports. Several teams protested last year and last week...

  • School District Settles Locker Room Assault Case

    by Kimberlee Kruesi October 2017

    A southern Idaho school district has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit involving a black football player who said he was sexually assaulted by three teammates in a high school locker room in 2015.

  • HS Football Player Suspended for Slamming Opponent

    by Diana C. Nearhos October 2017

    Sevier County will be without a player for its next game after he was ejected from Friday's game against Gibbs. Defensive end Jeffrey Bersch picked up a Gibbs player and pile drove him into the ground. He was ejected for the action, and that ejection carries an automatic one-game suspension.

  • Attorneys Argue Over Ooltewah Investigative File

    by Zack Peterson October 2017

    Civil attorneys for the Ooltewah High School rape victims are pushing a private lawyer who produced a report on hazing to release her entire investigative file. The attorneys for the young men assaulted in a December 2015 basketball trip believe the notes, tapes and emails Courtney Bullard created but omitted from her August 2016 report on the school's hazing culture could prove the Hamilton County Department of Education knew about sexual abuse and failed to protect its students. There's just one problem: Bullard says the file is protected under attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine. School board lawyers won't give up sensitive information without a fight.

  • Superintendent: Student-Athletes Must Stand for Anthem

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    Thirty-four schools in Bossier Parish, La., ranging from elementary to high school, have been encouraged by the district superintendent to require student-athletes to stand while the national anthem plays at school-sponsored events.

  • N.C. HS Players Plan to Kneel Prior to Anthem

    by Joe Sirera September 2017

    Coaches and players met Monday and talked about the issues involved before players voted Thursday on what they wanted to do.

  • HS Football Players Expelled for Hitting Freshman with Belt

    by Ben Benton September 2017

    Officials in Marion County, Tenn., said Thursday that two juniors on Whitwell High School's football team were expelled after admitting they struck a freshman football player...

  • Idaho Rule Change Blocks Foreign HS Players

    by Thomas Clouse September 2017

    Foreign players, who fueled the first state boys basketball championship last year for Post Falls' tiny Genesis Prep, will face new restrictions on when they can play.