The Greenfield (Ind.) Central School District has received an offer of a $50,000 donation to help replace the turf on the high school football field – but, it’s an offer they are reluctant to accept.

The school district has been raising money to replace the fields with synthetic turf, the total cost of which will be in the ballpark of $800,000. The district plans to contribute $200,000 from its budget, relying on donations for the remainder.

According to Danny Curry, a minister at Park Chapel Christian Church and the spokesperson for five anonymous donors, the donation is contingent upon the district agreeing to place the words #BLESSTHEWORLD on the field where there would normally be a corporate sponsorship logo.

Curry says the words do not represent a set of beliefs, but rather a “call to action” – however, the school board is still hesitant to endorse the words, worried about a negative community response, or even lawsuits.

“It’s tied to Christianity. It’s tied to God’s blessing. There is no other meaning,” Board member Steve Menser told The Indy Channel. The school board has not made a final decision, and will discuss the donation at its April meeting.

What do you think? Should the school district accept the donation?
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Courtney Cameron is Editorial Assistant of Athletic Business.