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Banner Ad Specs

Web & E-News Banner Dimensions

Leaderboard: Skyscraper: Block Banner:
728 x 90 pixels 160 x 600 pixels 180 x 150 pixels
Less than 30 KB Less than 30 KB Less than 20 KB
Web Animation/Flash: YES (.jpg, .gif, or .swf) Web Animation/Flash: YES (.jpg, .gif, or .swf) Web Animation/Flash: NO (.jpg, or non-animated .gif)
E-News Animation/Flash: NO (.jpg, or non-animated .gif) E-News Animation/Flash: NO (.jpg, or non-animated .gif) E-News Animation/Flash: NO (.jpg, or non-animated .gif)

Web Flash Banner Submissions

**E-News banner ads do not support animation**

All flash banners must have a clickTag code and meet the following specifications:

In order for your banner ad to function properly and for us to track the click-throughs on your banner ad, you must create a transparent button on the top-most layer of your .fla file and insert the clickTag code listed below. Using this ActionScript 2.0 code, substitute your website url where it says "yoururlgoeshere" and copy and paste the entire code into the transparent button you've created. Please read the requirements below and follow our step-by-step instructions on how to create your Flash banner ad.

on (release) { if (_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") getURL("javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview('2010outgoing/www.yoururlgoeshere.com/banner');"); getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank"); }


  • You must create your file using ActionScript 2.0 code (Do not use ActionScript 3.0 at this time) and we recommend publishing your file using Flash Version 8 or earlier.
  • Your Flash file must not exceed 30K.
  • Make sure the dimensions of the file meet the specs for the ad you are creating (see banner dimensions above).
  • Frame rate may not exceed 24 frames per second due to performance considerations. Banners that exceed 24 frames per second will not be accepted. 12 frames per second is preferred.
  • Make sure your banner works with wmode set to transparent. If you need help, visit the Adobe website: https://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14201.html
  • Please make sure that banner is working before sending it to us! You can test your banner here: https://www.bannerflow.com/
  • When you've tested your banner ad and are sure it is working properly, please send us both the .swf and .fla files. We must have the .fla file to verify that the clickTag code has been inserted properly and to help troubleshoot.

>>> View step-by-step instructions with screenshots on how to create your Flash banner ad

Expandable Banner Submissions (Eyeblaster, etc...)

All expanding creatives must meet the following specifications:

  • Only expandable 728 x 90, and floating ads that work back into 728 x 90 are supported.
  • Mouseovers on expandable ads can only spawn an expansion of the existing 728 x 90 ad. It cannot launch a new browser.
  • Only sound that is user-initiated will be accepted. All creatives that have the possibilty of sound must include a prominently visible on/off function.
  • The elements of an ad appearing outside of 728 x 90 ad space are limited to 7 seconds.
  • Auto-expanding ads are not supported.
  • Transparency is not supported.
  • Expansion on mouseover must have a delay of 750ms or greater.
  • As with all ads, AB reserves the right to review and reject an ad for any reason.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Currently expanding creatives are not trackable. We will not be able to provide click-through information for any creative of this type.
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