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5 Tips to Blog Your Health Club to Success

Everyone understands the power of blogs, from the Star Trek fan to the leaders of the world's biggest companies. Blogs help form communities and build relationships between like-minded people.  For health club owners, those like-minded people can become fans, and eventually members, at a lower costs than traditional marketing.

Make Time In Your Day To Maintain A Quality BlogWhile plenty of club owners and marketing staffs understand the value of blogging, finding the time and the resources to publish blogs is not always easy. What's worse is that many who do find the time often publish content that doesn't do what the owner had hoped -- to inform, entertain, and move people to action. In fact, more club owners are realizing the ROI on hiring professional writers to make sure the blog attracts readers and builds the sales pipeline.

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There are plenty of good blogs out there, but there are plenty more that fail to hit the mark. Here are five tips to better blogging:

1. Make the Content Valuable

Think about your members and prospects. What are their interests? What are they looking to learn? What value can you add to their lives? Once you figure out the answers to those questions, give it to them. A blog is not a sales pitch. It is not a place to only post the latest club happenings. It is the place that members and prospects will go to find the latest and greatest information that will help them reach their goals. If you find a study on the effectiveness of H.I.I.T. training, write about it.  If you know that the holidays are coming, give people healthy eating tips or exercises to do while traveling. Don't be afraid to give too much away. A blog is a chance to show the club's and staff's expertise, and build relationships with potential members. But, make sure it is well-written and edited. Just because you or your fitness director tweet or post to Facebook doesn't mean you're a writer.


2. Write a Catchy Headline

A headline that doesn't capture the attention of the reader is a huge bore. While Search Engine Optimized headlines and content helps your page get found by search engines, if the blog post sounds boring people still won't click, even if it is first in the results. For instance, a blog about healthy eating tips during the holidays that is titled "Top 5 Best-Tasting Ways to  Lose Holiday Pounds" will certainly catch the eye before "Eating To Lose Weight." Remember, it's like the tree falling in the woods. If a great blog isn't read by anyone, is it really a great blog?



3. Keep it Clean

I'm not talking about the language, although that's important to remember. Keep the layout of your blog simple, clear, and clean. Use pictures, sub-headlines, bullet points, and lists to keep the blog readable and full of information. Reading it all the way through should not be an exercise in focus. 


4. Open Your Blog Up for Comments

Blogs that allow readers to comment on articles often see higher rates of repeat visitors and that's what turns your website into a hub for fitness information and a community. Install a one-click login option for commenting that allows prospective and current members to comment on posts from their Facebook or Twitter accounts so you can encourage communication and see where people are finding your information to help with other marketing efforts. Also, make sure you and your staff are engaged. Making your blog a conversation between you and your target audience not only facilitates future relationships, but allows your personality to shine through.


5. Don't Forget the Call to Action.

While you don't want your blog to be a sales pitch, you do want people that have found your health club via your blog to click through and learn more about you. You can (and should) add a link to your class schedule, nutritionist, or cafe page, or even a trial membership if it relates to your article. Just remember to give information that will make them want to click and not just a pitch for your club.  Also, make it easy for readers to share via email and social media. If you give people great information, they will want to pass it along to their friends and family.


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John Agoglia has spent nearly two decades either working in health clubs or writing about them. He currently writes for several digital and print publications in and out of the fitness industry.


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