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Kay Park-Recreation Corp.
New customizable bleacher wraps by Kay Park are a multifunctional way to display school spirit in any spectator venue. Customizable bleacher wraps block views of unsightly trash that falls beneath bleachers and prevent children from climbing under bleachers, while also providing a place for extra storage. Bleacher wraps are made of heavy-duty, printable mesh fabric with durable grommets to attach to the bleacher frame.

Qualite Sports Lighting LLC
Qualite's award-winning, Q-LED GameChanger™ is a sports lighting revolution with unique proprietary optics, beam shapes, durable housing, advanced controls, a modular system platform, a protective outer lens and driver technology. Qualite has been a trusted sports lighting partner for high schools, colleges, parks and recreation departments, and minor and major league professional sports franchises for more than 30 years.
(800) 933-9741



The PMD2 Plus Elliptic walkthrough and multizone metal detector is ideal for checkpoint locations that require rapid installation and ease of system use for screening personnel. The PMD2 Plus provides superior detection of a full range of metal weapons while applying cutting-edge discrimination technology to metal personal items, a rapid transit flow of individuals, and versatile visual and acoustic signaling capabilities. Its exclusive elliptical shape allows security personnel to have a clear view of individuals passing through the detector. Meanwhile, the PD240 and PD140N handheld detectors combine high reliability with advanced detection and operator signaling features.
(888) 532-2342

Sole Revolution
Sole Revolution is a synthetic turf infill made from 100 percent recycled athletic shoe rubber. The optimized chemistry and emphasis on player safety ensures fields will yield high-performance results for athletes — while its recycled content gives clients an environmental edge. Sole Revolution offers a practical solution that can be tailored to meet a wide range of sport and field system requirements, making it a premier infill solution for installers, architects, purchasers and players alike.
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National Recreation Systems
National Recreation Systems provides high-quality seating systems that include small, portable bleachers, large seating systems, team benches and custom designs. NRS also offers renovation options to update noncompliant bleachers to current building and safety codes. The company is committed to exceeding customer expectations by fabricating quality products and meeting customer contract requirements in a timely manner.
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SMG Equipment
For more than 40 years, SMG has been a leading manufacturer of equipment for the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf fields and running tracks. SMG Equipment offers a complete line of turf maintenance tools, including drag brushes, ground-driven tow-behind sweepers, tractor-mounted PTO-drive sweepers, and the top-of-the-line SMG SportChamp.
(253) 350-8803

GT Grandstands
GT Grandstands designs and manufactures premium-quality grandstands, bleachers and other spectator seating options. Its selection includes permanent grandstands, press boxes, existing structure renovations, standard portable bleachers and team benches. GT Grandstands offers a variety of bleacher styles with optional ADA accessibility features. Understanding the importance of a trusted agreement between customers and suppliers, GT Grandstands is committed to quality and efficiency.
(866) 550-5511

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