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Sprung Structures Inc.
Sprung Structures specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of engineered, high-performance fabric building solutions. Sprung structures are designed to provide immediate, cost-effective solutions for the construction of gymnasiums, community pool enclosures, ice arenas and fitness centers. With a specialized high-strength aluminum alloy, these substructures have an unlimited lifespan. Sprung structures are engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of most building codes and standards around the world.
(800) 661-1163


Kay Park Recreation
Fans in the stands deserve protection from rain and harmful sunburn with Kay Park's Bleacher Shades. The shades are made of durable, woven, high-density polyethylene fabric and high-quality, weather-resistant steel framework. A free catalog of Kay Park's full product line is available.
(800) 553-2476



Legacy Building Solutions
Legacy Building Solutions combines the strength and proven engineering of steel-framed buildings with the bright interior and superior quality of fabric structures. Each sports center is designed to meet sport-specific requirements and high-occupancy codes. The featured sports facility, Soccer Blast Minnesota, is a 34,835-square-foot indoor soccer facility located in Burnsville. This building features 20-ounce white PVC fabric and gable ends with a red stripe under the eaves and a gambrel-style roof for maximum interior clearance.
(877) 259-1528

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Major Industries
Major Industries is a one-stop source for daylighting systems, from skylights and canopies to translucent wall systems. Glazing options include translucent panels, glass, polycarbonate multiwall and mixed-glazed systems that combine the best properties of each material. Whether it's a complex custom skylight, a pre-assembled wall system or a small canopy, Major Industries will work to provide a durable, versatile and eye-catching daylighting solution for gymnasiums, pools or other athletics facility projects.
(888) 759-2678

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