• Boys' Soccer Team Stripped of Wins But Not Title

    by Miguel Rodriguez October 2017

    Lafayette has been forced to forfeit all of its boys soccer wins, but the Mighty Violets will remain at least co-champions of the Buffalo Public Schools league...

  • How to Maximize the Use of Aquatics Recreation Space

    by Courtney Cameron October 2017

    Creative programming is key to counterbalancing the costs of operating a successful aquatics facility — even for college campuses like North Dakota State University, where the aquatics center's building and operation costs come out of student fees. Students who voted in 2013 to build the school's new aquatics center prioritized certain specialty programming — such as indoor scuba diving certification opportunities — as must-haves that made an increase in the cost of attendance worthwhile. Those looking for creative ways to broaden the classes, competitions and just-for-fun features that beckon patrons into an aquatics space will find many products aimed at expanding the patron base — as well as a few minor programming tweaks that can help appeal to a larger audience.

  • Residents Call for More Indoor Rec Space

    by Yolanda Perdomo October 2017

    A desire for more indoor recreation space has become a frequent theme among Elmhurst, Illinois Park District residents, officials say, but how to pay for it remains a key unanswered question. In his State of the Park District address Monday, Executive Director James Rogers said community surveys and forums conducted this spring show strong support for an indoor sports facility, a senior center and a dog park. He said the survey results also show a need to enhance existing programs, "but the ones I really think we need to dig into first are the new offerings."

  • Youth League Takes Step to Revive Football Participation

    by Doug Robinson September 2017

    The Ute Conference, one of the biggest little league programs in the country, reported an eight percent decline in participation this year...

  • N.J. Town Under Investigation Over Limiting Park Access

    by Associated Press September 2017

    A New Jersey township is under investigation after it adopted a rule limiting use of a public park to state residents, which opponents said targets the Jewish community from a nearby town...

  • Growing Desire for Recreation Drives Facility Plans

    by Dale White September 2017

    To accommodate its growing and changing population, Manatee County wants to expand opportunities for parks and recreation.

  • New Product Roundup: Striping Machines | Exercise Bikes | Starting Blocks

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    Check out the newest products as seen in the October 2017 issue.

  • How to Implement Ninja Obstacle Programming

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    Since the first episode of American Ninja Warrior aired in 2009, obstacle course racers and fitness nuts alike have flocked to the new, intense mind-body challenge presented by the sport.

  • Families Budget to Keep Kids Involved in Sports

    by Adam Shell September 2017

    Annual spending for club travel-team tuition, personal trainers, top-of-the-line equipment, showcase tournaments and outlays for gas, airfares, hotels and food on the road runs into the thousands of dollars.

  • Flag Football Catching On with Kids

    by Jacob Tierney August 2017

    While the big kids donned pads and helmets at practice, the younger set wore T-shirts and belts with dangling ribbons. For them, flag football is just a game, but Westmoreland County recreation officials see it as a way to reverse dwindling enrollment. The seven teams in the WPAC-6 youth football league "” Greensburg, South Greensburg, Hempfield, Latrobe, Pitcairn, Unity Township and the newly formed Twin City Vikings, composed of players from Arnold and New Kensington "” introduced flag football for the first time this year.