• 2014 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: Dyess Youth Sports Program

    by NAYS Staff November 2014

    The Dyess Youth Sports program at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas makes sure there is never a dull moment for the children and families it serves. Between seasonal sports like baseball, basketball, soccer and cheerleading; instructional classes for kajukembo, tennis and tumbling; summer camps; and other special events, there is always an activity to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide fun for the children. 

  • Tennessee Climbing League Shows Preps the Ropes

    by Andrew Brandt October 2014

    The mountain ranges that run through Tennessee are so majestically crafted for climbing that you may question their naturalness.

  • Evolution of Playground Design, Partnerships, Funding

    by Adrian Benepe October 2014

    Editor's note: This story originally appeared in Parks & Playgrounds, a new supplement to Athletic Business. View the entire digital issue here.

    As soon as the weather warms up each year, many families flock to parks where their children can play and run around safely, interact with other children, cool off on the sprayground or simply enjoy being outside on a nice day.

  • Rethinking Playgrounds to Appeal to Today’s Generation

    by Greg Harrison October 2014

    Editor's note: This story originally appeared in Parks & Playgrounds, a new supplement to Athletic Business. View the entire digital issue here.

    If you close your eyes, you can conjure up all the awesome sounds of outdoor play: kids laughing, balls bouncing, swings squeaking and seesaws thumping. From kickball matches at school recess to summer days spent at the community playground, playing outside seems to be just another aspect of childhood we all take for granted. But according to the Alliance for Childhood, children now spend 50 percent less time in unstructured outdoor activities compared to the 1970s, and it seems there's a new report each week about our nation's sedentary lifestyle epidemic or the rising incidence of childhood obesity. Sadly, outdoor play is endangered, and unless we start thinking about it in a fresh way, generations of kids will miss out on this key ingredient of a healthy childhood.

  • Viral Video Ignites Change in San Francisco Park Policy

    by Michael Gaio October 2014

    Thanks to a viral video and an ensuing change of policy, teenagers in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood will no longer have to worry about being booted from their local public soccer field.

  • AB Survey: Tell Us About Your Rec Center

    by AB Editors October 2014

    How many basketball courts does your facility really need? Is racquetball still popular? Is anyone using your locker rooms?

  • Multipurpose Activity Courts Deliver Campus Rec Options

    by Paul Steinbach September 2014

    They are confined playing fields with near-limitless functionality. Since their rise to prominence on college campuses two decades ago, multipurpose activity courts have maintained their go-to status among both recreation facility designers and end-users looking to pack the most programming punch into one self-contained indoor space.

  • YMCA Opens Region's Largest Indoor Playground

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    If there's one phrase kids universally loathe, it's "Don't run indoors!" 

    The lucky kids of Bristol, Tenn., however, are going to be hearing those three words a lot less frequently.

  • Seattle Park Leaves Lights On to Curb Crime

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    During the day, a popular park in Seattle's Capitol Hill is full of family-fueled action. Once the sun sets, however, a different kind of activity takes over — crime.

  • 'Fitness Recess' Gets Grade-Schoolers Moving

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    Monkey bars? Slides? Swings? Not anymore.

    For one recess a day, kids in grades 4 through 6 at Pennsylvania intermediate schools Shallow Brook and Spring Forge participate in a "fitness recess."