• Blog: Misfiring on Active-Shooter Preparation

    by February 2015

    Two years ago, while picking up my oldest daughter from school, I was overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and one all-consuming thought: Get her home.

  • Developing Better Evacuation Plans Through Simulation Modeling

    by February 2015

    Penn State University's football home opener on Sept. 6 provided little in-game drama last year — the Nittany Lions comfortably beat Akron, 21-3 — but plenty of pregame drama. The weather forecast called for potential lightning storms that day, creating a headache for athletic officials concerned about the safety of spectators both in the tailgate areas and Beaver Stadium. In preparation for the coming storm, Penn State shared with the public its evacuation plan, which included designated shelter areas and evacuation routes, to ensure everyone understood instructions in advance.

  • NCS4 Job Opening: Director of Compliance Policy Standards

    by NCS4 Staff February 2015

    Job Summary:  
    The candidate will need to work across a number of compliance related initiatives to ensure appropriate processes, procedures and controls are adequately designed, implemented or remediated to meet audit and compliance expectations, operating and technological efficiency goals, training and other business objectives.

  • Executive Track to Obtain CSSP Certification

    by NCS4 Staff February 2015

    The Sport Security Professional Executive Track is a unique opportunity that packages three DHS/FEMA approved sport safety and security training courses together with a review course to prepare you for the Certified Sport Security Professional (CSSP) certification. The Executive Track is designed to tie the various components of the CSSP curriculum into a unifying framework, focusing on reviewing the core knowledge domains of the CSSP certification and preparing participants for the CSSP examination.

  • National Forum: Airspace Safety and Security for Sporting Events

    by NCS4 Staff February 2015

    Join us for a timely FORUM in which the attendees will examine the unique safety and security challenges and concerns posed by unmanned/remotely piloted aerial systems on sporting events, as well as the concerns of stakeholders responsible for maintaining safety and security.

  • Back To School for My Collegiate Security Education

    by February 2015

    Death Valley is the intimidating home field of LSU football where, on any given Saturday in the fall, the number of tailgating, non-ticket-holding fans can equal the 100,000+ entering the gates to watch their beloved Tigers. It's a security nightmare that requires meticulous planning, flawless execution, and a little help from your friends in the industry.

  • Sustainability Through Solar-Powered Wireless Surveillance Systems

    by Dave Tynan, Guest Contributor February 2015

    In today's evolving risk environment, protecting spectator sports venues is a multifaceted challenge. Organizations — high school, college and professional — are increasingly looking for more reliable ways to secure their facilities. At the same time, facility operators are being tasked with developing more sustainable approaches to business. In fact, sustainability — both environmental and financial — is a major concern for enterprises of all sizes and types. There is a clear trend toward addressing sustainability issues proactively, and as security is a key component of an organization's day-to-day operations, it must contribute to these initiatives. Security's impact on sustainability can include the suppliers facility managers choose, how they minimize material usage and how they plan disposal of technology at end-of-life.

  • How To Prevent Fan Violence at Sporting Events

    by February 2015

    The perception surrounding the modern professional football environment is that unruly fan behavior is escalating, forcing families to stay far away from these increasingly unstable atmospheres. Perpetuating that stigma is a steady flow of videos showing fans fighting at football venues across the country. For example, New England Patriots fan Jaclyn Nugent was punched by New York Jets fan Kurt Paschke at MetLife Stadium last fall. A fan videotaped part of the fight, including the infamous punch, on her smartphone and uploaded it to YouTube. Two months later, it had received more than 350,000 views.

  • NCS4 Conference and Exhibition Registration Now Open!

    by NCS4 Staff January 2015

    Join us for the sixth annual National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition on July 6-9, 2015 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

  • ITC Security Partners' Vapor Wake® Canines Evaluated at AMK9 Academy and Auburn University

    by NCS4 Staff January 2015

    ITC consists of a selected group of anti-terrorism security and canine businesses that collectively offer multi-faceted security services and law enforcement products and services to commercial, government and military customers.