• Florida Schools Ban Backpacks at HS Sporting Events

    by Annika Hammerschlag and Andrew Sodergren August 2018

    Collier and Lee school districts announced Wednesday that backpacks and other large bags would no longer be allowed inside district sporting venues, effective immediately.

  • Stress, Security at Forefront as Esports Ponders Future

    by Edward C. Baig, Eli Blumenthal, and Mike Snider August 2018

    Professional gamers spend hours with eyes glued to a screen, a controller or keyboard at hand, perfecting their digital dexterity for a chance to win - or lose - tens of thousands of dollars. Gaming has transformed into high-stakes, high-stress big business. In the aftermath of a tragic shooting rampage at a "Madden 19" video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, that left three dead and 11 wounded, focus is shifting to the pressure on players and security surrounding these events. This Madden tournament is just one in a growing competitive video game landscape in which hundreds of thousands of U.S. professional players battle in-person and online for millions of dollars in prize money. With many major esports events upcoming, players and promoters are seriously reconsidering whether they need to beef up security. Another consideration: Should more attention be paid to the mental stress on players, who can train for more than 40 hours a week?

  • HS Football Game Cancelled After Fight Sparks Panic

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    The annual Salt Bowl between Benton and Bryant (Ark.) high schools drew more than 38,000 fans to Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium on Saturday, but the game was doomed to an abrupt end.

  • Shooting at High School Football Game Kills One

    by Bob D'Angelo August 2018

    One person was killed at a Florida high school football game as the contest ended Friday night, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirmed.

  • Shooting at 'Madden' Event Claims Lives

    by Florida Times-Union August 2018

    A 24-year-old Maryland man opened fire Sunday in the middle of a video game tournament at Jacksonville's downtown waterfront mall, killing two people, injuring 11 more, then killing himself, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said. The shooting was connected to a "Madden NFL 19" video game tournament at Chicago Pizza in the Jacksonville Landing. David Katz, from Baltimore, was the lone suspect, who some witnesses said began shooting around 1:34 p.m., after losing in the tournament. Williams, who would not confirm the motive behind the shooting, said Katz used "at least one handgun" on the victims and himself.

  • First Game After Shooting Marked by Increased Security

    by Andrew Marra August 2018

    A security checkpoint outside Forest Hill High School's football stadium Thursday marked the start of new safety measures at Palm Beach County public school football games, six days after gunfire erupted at a game seven miles away.

  • District Implements Clear Bag Security Policy

    by Monica Kreber August 2018

    Berkeley County (S.C.) School District's "Clear Bag or No Bag" entry procedure at high school athletic events will continue this school year.

  • Security Changes Coming After HS Stadium Shooting

    by Sonja Isger August 2018

    The security playbook for Palm Beach County high school football will be rewritten this week in the aftermath of the shooting on the outskirts of a high school football stadium Friday night.

  • Flying Hot Dog Injures Phillies Fan

    by Andy Berg June 2018

    The Philadelphia Phillies may have to take something off their flying hot dogs, and we’re not talking condiments.

  • Golden 1 Center Again Closed Due to Protests

    by Courtney Cameron March 2018

    For the second time in as many weeks, entrances to the Sacramento Kings’ Golden 1 Center were blocked by protesters demonstrating against the police shooting of Stephon Clark.