• Notre Dame Implements Metal Detectors at All Events

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    Notre Dame is stepping up its defense this year, announcing Thursday that it will begin using metal detectors at all ticketed events.

  • Justin Seuser Shares Dual Perspective as AD, Official

    by Paul Steinbach April 2019

    Mike McCarthy made headlines months after being fired from the Green Bay Packers sidelines when in February the former NFL head coach berated a crew of high school basketball officials as they exited a gym in Pulaski, Wis. It was the latest video evidence of the type of verbal abuse that has caused the average official to quit the job within three years of starting, leading to a nationwide shortage of officials and prompting state athletic associations to attempt to quell fan rage through "Cool It!" campaigns. Justin Seuser has seen it firsthand from multiple angles — as athletic director at Buhler (Kan.) High School and as a collegiate basketball official. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked for Seuser's perspective on both professions and the problem of fan behavior.

  • Dodger Stadium Assault Leaves Man in Critical Condition

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    Fan violence at professional sporting events continues to be a problem, particularly at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. 

  • Mountain West: Court Storming Didn't Cause Incident

    by Paul Steinbach March 2019

    The Mountain West Conference has concluded that altercations on and off the court Saturday following Utah State's victory over then-No. 12 Nevada in men's basketball resulted from the actions of individuals representing both programs and not the fans who rushed the floor at Dee Glen Smith Spectrum in Logan.

  • Court Storming Sparks Hallway Melee at Utah State

    by Paul Steinbach March 2019

    Was it an upset worthy of storming the court? Was it even an upset in the first place?

  • Man Arrested for Threatening AD and Superintendent

    by Andy Berg February 2019

    A man has been arrested after threatening a high school superintendent and athletic director in profanity-laced voicemails related to alleged racist jeering at a basketball game.

  • Northwestern Silences Loud Student Fan 'The Shrieker'

    by Paul Steinbach January 2019

    Emily Harriott is a senior at Northwestern University boasting a 3.9 grade-point average, but it's her presence outside the classroom that has caught much attention. Too much attention.

  • Fan Behavior Forcing Officiating Turnover in Michigan

    by Paul Steinbach January 2019

    According to the Michigan High School Athletic Association, game officials are leaving the profession or staying away for three reasons: life events such as a move or the birth of a child, local officiating politics and abusive behavior by adult spectators.

  • Texas Defends Handling of Mascot Bevo After Incident

    by Paul Steinbach January 2019

    The University of Texas athletic department says standard procedure was used in handling Bevo XV, the team's on-field mascot since 2016, when the 1,700-pound longhorn steer briefly acted up before Tuesday's Sugar Bowl.

    Bevo was standing within a makeshift corral when Georgia's live bulldog mascot Uga approached on a handler's leash. The two animals had been introduced earlier that day without incident, but this time Bevo lunged through the corral, clipping two photographers and sending other onlookers scrambling.

    "He got me in the back," said Nick Wagner, an Austin American-Statesman photographer who had been taking photos of Uga. "I don't know whether it was his horn or his snout, but I think it was his horn. His right horn came around and clocked me in the face along the cheekbone."

    Bruised and sore, Wagner added, "I'll just keep my head on a better swivel and pay him more respect in the future."

    A photographer from The Daily Texan student newspaper likewise felt grazed by a horn.

    Despite the scare, no changes are expected regarding how Bevo, a four-year-old longhorn owned by ranchers in Liberty, Texas, is cared for during live appearances. Members of the Silver Spurs, a student group, serve as Bevo’s handlers and caretakers. The Spurs’ website describes Bevo XV as "one of the friendliest and manageable" Bevos in UT’s history.

    "All of the established safety measures for Bevo at home and away football games were in place at the Sugar Bowl last night," John Bianco, a spokesman for UT's athletics department, told the American-Statesman in an emailed statement. "The handlers that are with him at all times are well-educated, trained and did their job."

    As the numerals after his name would indicate, Bevo is the latest in a long line of live mascot longhorns at Texas. Live animal mascots have long been part of the gameday atmosphere at many schools, and not without controversy, as AB reported in 2008. Following Tuesday's incident, PETA officials called on both schools to end their live mascot traditions.



  • Pro Football Stadiums Aim to Stem Fan Violence

    by Andy Berg November 2018

    The $1 million lawsuit filed this week by a Cowboys fan who was severely beaten at a game two years ago is yet another reason professional football stadium operators are trying their best to get fan violence under control.