Locker Room Crime: The Aftermath

There is no perfect way to prevent locker room crime, but by enforcing some basic rules, you can help to protect your facility against liability.

When locker rooms at two 24 Hour Fitness locations were robbed simultaneously, the crime was all over the evening news. Details were scant:

Locks were cut, both the men's and women's locker rooms were hit, and the thefts seemed to be coordinated. But members who visited 24 Hour Fitness the next day were offered no additional information. In fact, it was business as usual at the fitness centers, as if nothing had happened. Bonnie Sayers, insurance editor for, wrote an article about the incident. As a member of the club, she found 24 Hour Fitness' silence on the subject "unacceptable."

"I was at the health club the next day, with no inclination that something had taken place the morning before," Sayers writes. "I never noticed any security or notices informing the membership of these incidents. To make matters worse, I learned that the thefts resulted in further crimes besides taking the property from the lockers. A few cars were also stolen and a house was burglarized."

24 Hour Fitness says on its website that the company is not responsible for lost or stolen items from the locker room. "This is the same note that is placed on the inside of the lockers," says Sayers. Not surprisingly, the sign wasn't much comfort to concerned members.

An ounce of prevention

There is no perfect way to prevent locker room crime. Locker rooms have lots of hiding places for skulkers with cell phone cameras, or shifty-eyed lurkers with one eye on the door and another on wallets stowed in unsecured lockers. Short of closing off locker rooms altogether, the best way to thwart illegal actions is to remain vigilant - and remind members to do the same. "We consistently advise, through our newsletter and other means, ... the importance of locking up your valuables," says Bethel Bradford, general manager of University Fitness Center, Hunstville, Ala. University Fitness Center also created an alternative to the traditional locker room. "We provide free mini lockers, located at the front desk, that members can use to lock up their wallets, keys, jewelry, etc.," says Bradford.

The increasing popularity of camera cell phones is another cause for concern. The Video Voyeurism Prevention Act prohibits video voyeurism. The bill protects victims against anyone having the intent to capture an improper image of them, and knowingly does so under circumstances that violate the privacy of that person. Some fitness facilities, like Club One, 24 Hour Fitness and University Fitness Center, ban cell phone cameras from their clubs. "We have a no cell phone policy in the facility, to prevent photos from being taken of unknowing patrons," says Bradford.

Perpetrators of locker room crime must all enter your facility through the same place: the front entrance. Front desk staff should be concerned with more than just smiling and remembering members' names; they should also stay alert for suspicious behavior or unconfirmed guests. At University Fitness Center, "entrance to the facility requires a photo be on file," says Bradford. "As a member, this is stored in our system and is pulled up upon entrance. A guest must present a valid drivers license (or other acceptable photo ID), which is copied and also kept on file. This enables us to always know who is in the facility."

Once members and guests are inside your facility, they should have no questions about what is allowed and what isn't. Posting signs that absolve the facility from responsibility for locker room crime isn't enough; you should also make your policies clear, and encourage members to take steps to protect their belongings. "We have multiple signs throughout the locker rooms encouraging everyone to please use a lock when leaving their valuables unattended," says Bradford.

Enforcing those rules is an unpleasant, but necessary, part of preventing locker room crime. "If a member is using a cell phone, for example, a manager would explain to them our policy and the reason for it," says Bradford. "If this particular member continues to disregard our policy, we would discuss terminating their membership, as would be done for any repeated rule violation." Some challenges include what some older members perceive as taking orders from someone much younger than they are. "Some people do not want to be told what to do (or what not to do), especially by someone quite a few years younger," says Bradford.

The best policy

University Fitness Center does everything right, yet its members have still fallen victim to locker room crime. "Yes, we have had items stolen," admits Bradford. "Mainly from the locker rooms, but also from gym bags that have been left out unsupervised." Insurance, rules posted on signs and exhaustive waivers are all used by fitness facilities to prevent fallout from locker room crime, but, when it comes to easing members' minds in the wake of a security breach, honesty is always the best policy. "We are always honest about the situation when asked, and give the members assurance that everything possible is being done to keep the entire facility safe," says Bradford.
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Lyon Workspace Products 800 323-0096; Lyon LifeStyle Lockers are finished in powdercoating from DuPont and Agion Antimicrobial that inhibits mold, and bacterial and odor build-up on locker surfaces, as well as the touch transfer of microbes on locker handles and doors. Any moisture triggers the controlled release of silver ions to provide antimicrobial protection. This protection will last for the estimated 20-year lifecycle of the locker. Lyon Workspace Products is an ISO 9001 registered firm.

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