Jason Scott
Jason Scott (jason@athleticbusiness.com) joined the Athletic Business team as the Online Managing Editor in 2015. Before joining AB, Jason worked as the social media manager for a small business, and before that he was a radio producer working with local talk shows and live sports broadcasts. When he's not at work, Jason enjoys reading, podcasts, sports, sophomoric TV cartoons, and long walks on the beach. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. 
  • Wednesday, July, 17, 2019
    AAC Commish: No Plans to Replace UConn

    During the American Athletic Conference’s Media Days this week, the news about the University of Connecticut leaving the conference was a hot topic of discussion, and one that commissioner Mike Aresco addressed on Tuesday. 

  • Wednesday, July, 17, 2019
    District Settles Softball Gender Discrimination Suit

    A Georgia school district has agreed to provide equitable funding to girls’ and boys’ sports as part of a settlement agreement of a federal lawsuit of alleged gender discrimination. 

  • Tuesday, July, 16, 2019
    Mizzou, Ex-Swim Coach Dispute Investigation Results

    A public relations firm retained by former University of Missouri swimming coach Greg Rhodenbaugh released a statement Monday declaring that the coach had been cleared of all charges in the wake of a nine-month Title IX investigation centering on how he managed the team.

  • Monday, July, 15, 2019
    Vegas Stadium Subcontractor Sues Over Payment

    The Las Vegas Stadium, which will one day host the NFL’s Raiders franchise, is currently under construction. One of the stadium’s subcontractors is reportedly looking for their piece of the $1.8 billion in construction costs — and is seeking what it says it is owed in a lawsuit that names the Oakland Raiders, Las Vegas Stadium Events Co., the Las Vegas Stadium Authority, Mortenson-McCarthy, Merrill Iron & Steel and others.

  • Monday, July, 15, 2019
    Ex-HS Baseball Player Pleads No Contest in Hazing Case

    A former high school baseball player pleaded no contest in a hazing case involving younger players.

  • Friday, July, 12, 2019
    Low Participation Forces Change for HS Football Teams

    In what might be considered a trend, some high school football programs around the country are contracting their offerings citing low participation numbers.

  • Friday, July, 12, 2019
    Facility Friday: Minnesota Hockey, Cal Poly Beach Volleyball and More

    The University of Minnesota board of regents approved a renovation for 3M Arena at Mariucci, which will renovate 11,000 square feet of space within the facility. Plans call for a state-of-the-art weight room, a remodeled office suite and a new alumni room. The weight room will renovate 6,700 square feet of space, and include an area for shooting that will be used by both the men’s and women’s hockey programs. — GopherSports.com

  • Thursday, July, 11, 2019
    HS Coaches File Title IX Complaint Over Facilities

    Two coaches at Tennyson (Calif.) High School have filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, claiming that the facilities used primarily by female athletes are subpar compared to those used by boys.

  • Thursday, July, 11, 2019
    NC State Hit with NCAA Notice of Allegations

    North Carolina State University became the first school to feel the sting from the NCAA in the wake of the federal trials that caught up a number of other programs and coaches in corruption. 

  • Wednesday, July, 10, 2019
    Senator Introduces Bill Supporting Equal Pay for USWNT

    As the U.S. continues to bask in the glory of its women’s national soccer team winning a record fourth World Cup, the team’s fight for equitable pay has garnered more attention. 

  • Friday, October, 06, 2017
    AB Today This Week: Oct. 2 to 6

    Happy Friday!

  • Friday, September, 29, 2017
    AB Today This Week: Sept. 25 to 29

    Happy Friday! We made it to the end of September.

    Here’s a look at all of the stories that caught the attention of AB’s editorial team this week: 

  • Friday, September, 22, 2017
    AB Today This Week: Sept. 18 to 22

    Happy Friday, and happy first day of fall!

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  • Wednesday, July, 12, 2017
    Six Small Things to Provide a Great Member Experience

    While a glittering fitness facility filled with the latest and greatest equipment can make an impression, a great member experience is built on the little things. During the member-recruitment phase, fitness facilities can take small, cost-effective steps that can help lead to sign-ups. Afterward, providing the basics for members can keep them coming back.

  • Monday, December, 05, 2016
    AB Show 2016: On the Trade Show Floor at #ABOrlando

    A trade show floor can be a daunting experience for the inexperienced. Such was my perspective coming away from my first AB Show last year in New Orleans, where I spent the majority of my time manning the AB booth. 

  • Thursday, November, 03, 2016
    Blog: Cubs’ Victory One for the Ages

    Just in case you thought 2016 couldn't get any more bizarre: you now live in a world where the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. The Chicago Cubs!

  • Wednesday, July, 20, 2016
    Individuals, Stadiums Getting In on 'Pokemon Go'

    Have you guys heard of this Pokemon Go thing? 

    Twenty years after the country was first introduced to Pikachu and the horde of collectable monsters, Pokemon is once again sweeping the nation – but this time feels different.

  • Tuesday, December, 15, 2015
    Blog: Missouri Scholarship-Pulling Bill Is Asinine

    While checking Twitter yesterday as I often do during the afternoon, I noticed some reporters that I follow out of Columbia, Mo. (the home of my alma mater, the University of Missouri) tweeting about a proposed bill in the state legislature that would automatically revoke the scholarship of any athlete who refuses to play for reasons not related to health. It would also call for coaches who support such strikes to be fined by their institution.

  • Friday, September, 18, 2015
    Blog: No Dirty-Play Epidemic in High School Football

    Earlier this week, we shared another story about a high school football player making another ugly play on the field.

    This time, the play was at least directed at an opponent, unlike the premeditated hit on a referee that made headlines earlier this month. There was also a less-publicized story about a player shoving a referee as a reaction to a call.

    So what’s going on? Is there a culture problem in football? Are coaches skipping the part where they instill values? Are players out of control? Is there something in the water?

    The likely answer: Probably not. Any of these might be a root cause for these incidents, or any random occurrence might have triggered them. The players involved in the hit on the referee alleged the ref had used racial slurs.

    Whatever the motivation, this sort of thing has been going on for a long time — just with less media attention.

    In today’s Internet culture, things can get noticed more quickly. The premeditated hit on the referee was just sensational enough to make us as observers perk up our ears. As new cases pop up that look and smell similar, we’re trying to connect the dots, looking for larger trends where perhaps none exist. 

    That’s not to say that we should do nothing to keep incidents like this from happening. We absolutely should.

    What we should not do is panic. We don’t have to turn into football Chicken Littles. The sky is not falling.

    For every instance of dirty play, the kind that grab headlines and leave us shaking our heads, there are many more examples of sportsmanship. Those things don’t get headlines, because the culture considers them boring.

    Football idealists might look at the dirty plays recently and question their worldview. If participation in athletics is supposed to instill young people with values, how could this be happening?

    That’s a question worth asking. We should look at some of the dirty play recently and double our efforts to teach sportsmanship to our young athletes. But let’s not freak out to the degree of questioning the value of sports participation in general.

    Don’t let a few outliers ruin your enjoyment of the game. 

  • Friday, September, 11, 2015
    Blog: Headset Allegations Just Another Conspiracy Theory

    The first game of the NFL season happened Thursday night, and the defending champion New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21.

    Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were terrific, but it should come as no surprise that much of this morning's reaction has been centered on something other than the game: an allegation of malfunctioning headsets.