• High Schools See Value in Gym Video Boards

    by Paul Steinbach April 2016

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  • New Projects: FIU Wellness Center | Maryland Event Center | Tiger Stadium

    by Emily Attwood April 2016

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  • Piece of Floor Impales Youth Basketball Player

    by Stuart Goldman February 2016

    A 14-year-old Wisconsin girl was hospitalized after a plank of wood on a basketball court impaled her as she dove on the floor during a game.

  • High School’s First Black Court to Debut This Weekend

    by Emily Attwood January 2016

    Our article on basketball court branding in the November/December issue of Athletic Business felt all too familiar to Steve Denny, director of athletics at The Master's Academy Orlando, Fla. Many of the details in the article, from brand aesthetics to marketing potential and application techniques had been discussed by the athletic department at great length over the last few months. And this weekend, Masters Academy is unveiling its latest branding tool, a completely black hardwood court.

  • Why a Northern High School Opted for an Indoor Practice Facility

    by Paul Steinbach December 2015

    The tour — the story — starts in a decades-old gymnasium. It was while assessing this modest space in 2006-07, with its original bleachers and hardwood court badly in need of refinishing, that administrators at Hamilton High School began to think big. Enrollment had doubled since the school was built in Sussex, Wis., in 1963. Athletics participation had increased by 33 percent, six sports programs had been added, and interior training space was at a premium. Track athletes were running hurdles down terrazzo hallways. Cheerleaders were doing stunts over library carpeting. Field sports participants in this evolving era of year-round specialization had no place to practice off-season, as Wisconsin's winters rendered the outdoors off limits.

  • Spotlight: Indoor Sports Surfaces

    by AB Editors December 2015

    Indoor sports Surfaces

  • Basketball Court Design as Branding Tool

    by Emily Attwood December 2015

    Remember when the University of Oregon changed the look of college basketball with its evergreen-silhouetted court at Matthew Knight Arena in 2011? Or when Florida International University's beach-towel-themed court raised some eyebrows in 2013? The two are notable examples in a growling list of unique court designs. past summer, the University of Maryland unveiled its new flag-bordered design at the XFINITY Center; Northern Kentucky University unveiled a floor "watermarked" with a Norse ship at BB&T Arena; and a handful of NBA teams unveiled new court designs. "Over the past four or five years, there's been a tremendous focus for branding opportunities on basketball courts and getting your message out," says John Prater, president of Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Praters Athletic Flooring, the creative spark behind some of college athletics' most iconic basketball courts.

  • Sponsored Video: Spalding Equipment GymPro

    by AB Staff November 2015

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  • Flexible Gym Design Accommodates More than Just Basketball

    by Wayne L. Hughes November 2015

    Many colleges, municipalities and high schools host sports, events and meetings in gymnasiums filled with history. But many of today's gyms — built in the 1970s, '60s and even earlier — were primarily sized for basketball: A standard 50-foot-wide court of 94 feet in length (at the college level) or 84 feet (at the high school level), and a (typically) too-small clearance around the perimeter. The perimeter walls were often structural, load-bearing walls of concrete block or brick.

  • Six Injured in Construction Collapse at Bryant University

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    Six construction workers were injured Tuesday when the steel framework of the field house they were working on suddenly collapsed at Bryant University in Rhode Island.