• Locker Room Theft Reported During HS Game

    by Dayton Daily News December 2018

    Several items were taken from a locker room Friday night during a basketball game between Chaminade Julienne and Purcell Marian high schools.

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    by AB Staff December 2018

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  • High School Students Evacuated Due to Locker Room Fire

    by Doug Graham November 2018

    Four school employees who were near the fire were examined by paramedics and one was taken to the hospital with symptoms that were not considered life-threatening.

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    by Courtney Cameron November 2018

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  • NBA Players Donate for IU Locker Room Renovations

    by Zach Osterman October 2018

    Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller dreamed of leaving a legacy inside Assembly Hall, the kind that would hang at the north end of the old arena, where IU honors its national champions with iconic red-and-white banners.

  • Purchasing Guide: What You Need to Know When Buying Lockers

    by AB Staff August 2018

    Whether you're looking to outfit a small fitness center changing room or a high-end Division I basketball locker room, a plethora of locker options exist. Featuring everything from solid oak or steel compartments to biometric locks and ambient lighting, today's lockers can serve as a simple place to secure a club member's belongings or a high-tech marvel, crafted to effuse luxury and tailored to an individual athlete's own specifications. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for lockers:

  • How to Find the Right Locks for Your Locker Room

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    Common advice is to leave your valuables at home when you hit the gym. However, with keyless entry fobs now standard on most automobiles and $800 smartphones as seemingly necessary as tennis shoes, it's almost impossible to get a workout in without leaving something of value in a locker.

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    by Courtney Cameron August 2018

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    Foreman Locker Systems
    Traditionally a manufacturer of lockers specified for fitness, outdoor, aquatic and winter sports, Foreman Locker Systems now caters to a much wider range of sports, including baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey. Based on specific kit requirements for individual sports, Foreman Locker Systems has created a line of bespoke lockers to fulfill the needs of almost all popular sporting activities. All product categories are available both in traditional wood technology and in a uniquely crafted hybrid version. The product includes a 20-year warranty.
    (951) 677-1955





  • Purchasing Guide: Wet-Area Flooring

    by AB Staff May 2018

    Wet floors are no one's friend. Not only do they represent a slip-and-fall liability risk, they're also a breeding ground for the worst germs and bacteria nature has to offer. Flooring solutions that create traction and allow water to drain are a must for places like pool decks, locker rooms and other high-traffic areas that get wet on a regular basis. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for wet-area flooring.

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