• New Mexico Locker Room Renovation Approved

    by Jessica Dyer March 2018

    The University of New Mexico football team is expected to get its $676,500 locker room upgrade after all. Though the project failed to earn approval from the UNM Regents' Finance & Facilities committee last week, it managed to clear the full Board of Regents on Monday - even getting a "yes" vote from the regent who criticized it in committee over concerns the money could be better spent on the athletics operating deficit. Regent Tom Clifford said he changed his mind after getting more clarity on the funding model, which relies heavily - but not entirely - on donations.

  • New Mexico to Continue Push for Locker Room Upgrade

    by Rick Wright March 2018

    On Tuesday, the University of New Mexico Regents Finance & Facilities Committee rejected a proposal to renovate the Lobos' locker room amounting to $676,500.

  • New Mexico Football Locker Room Upgrade Hits Snag

    by Jessica Dyer March 2018

    A $676,500 proposal to renovate the University of New Mexico football locker room hit a roadblock Tuesday over concerns that the budget-challenged athletic department could better use the money elsewhere.

  • New Product Roundup: Fitness Equipment | Lifeguard Chair | Laundry

    by AB Staff March 2018

    Check out the newest products as seen in the April 2018 issue.

    Matrix Fitness
    Exclusive from Matrix, the S-Force Performance Trainer leverages cutting-edge sports science to help athletes of all kinds build speed and power in the drive phase of the sprint. As athletes move through a user-defined path that fits their individual stride, the magnetic system automatically increases resistance the harder they work. This progressively improves the fast-muscle fibers essential to explosive starts, challenging even elite athletes to elevate their drive-phase sprinting to new levels.
    (866) 693-4863



    Sports Laundry Systems
    Sports Laundry Systems® recently added an 80-pound capacity, soft-mount model to its line of high-performance washers. Engineered to boost athletic laundry productivity and cut natural gas, water and electricity usage, Sports Laundry Systems combines high-performance washers with disinfecting ozone injection and energy-efficient dryers. Unlike hard-mount washers, Sports Laundry Systems' soft-mount machines slide easily into place without the need for reinforced-concrete foundations, grout and bolt down — allowing for future relocation and lower installation costs. The washers are engineered for durability and years of continued use, and are backed by an industry-leading factory warranty.
    (920) 230-8550

    Spectrum Aquatics
    Spectrum Aquatics is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Mendota Lifeguard Chair family: the 30-inch Mendota Lifeguard Chair. Constructed from recycled UV-inhibited plastic and with a seat height of 30 inches, this chair has been designed with lifeguard comfort and swimmer safety in mind. Most commonly specified for community, hospitality and resort swimming pools, they are strong, durable and low-maintenance. All Mendota guard chairs offer an optional, water-filled ballast tank for extra stability.
    (800) 791-8056




    Technogym is proud to announce the launch of the first treadmill to combine cardio and power-training in a single solution. Due to unique patent-pending MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™, the new SKILLRUN™ offers both cardio training and resistance workouts to enhance overall power and fitness. The interactive UNITY console allows users to access a completely customizable workout experience, which engages and motivates them through digital content, personalized training programs and data tracking. SKILLRUN™ offers a wide range of innovative workouts, including high-intensity interval training, speed-resistance training and neuromuscular training, as well as immersive and entertaining content to motivate the user.
    (800) 804-0952

    Fitness Flooring
    New from Fitness Flooring, Corkboards are designed to stand up to the realities of the fitness center — such as water spills and excessive humidity — which a traditional wood floor could not tolerate. Corkboards provide an attractive wood-look floor in a number of species and stains that provide excellent sound and thermal insulation. The vinyl surface is bonded to a cork layer, providing exceptional shock-absorption and comfort. Corkboards can be installed completely free-floating to facilitate relocation.
    (800) 428-5306

    Private Label Fitness
    Onboard 101 is a cloud-based, interactive health-education system available to health professionals under private label. This system helps clients understand basic human physiology as it relates to fitness, weight management and overall health. With 12 chapters, 35 videos and corresponding automated quizzes, Onboard 101 is designed to educate and empower clients. It can operate automatically through self-guided learning or as an adjunct to existing programs. It also serves as a hands-free online revenue generator.
    (714) 404-1800

    This article originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of Athletic Business with the title "New & Improved." Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.


  • High School to Benefit from $3.6M Locker Room Project

    by Ted Booker February 2018

    A 13,200-square-foot locker room building to be built on the south side of the TCU Freed Field at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Ind., will feature three locker rooms that will be used for football games and track meets, along with training rooms, offices for coaches, public restrooms and a concessions area.

  • How Modern Locker Rooms Are Being Redesigned

    by Andy Berg January 2018

    Search "Vince Lombardi" and "Locker Room" on Google, and you'll find photos of one of the NFL's most storied coaches sitting on a metal folding chair in an otherwise non-descript concrete room. Behind the players Lombardi is addressing, cleats, helmets and street clothes are stuffed into metal cubbies. The locker room, even at the professional level, was an afterthought in the 1950s and 60s, a place where athletes changed into their uniforms and maybe got a halftime pep talk from the coach. Other than that, business was taken care of on the field.

  • Locker Room Fumes Reportedly Sicken HS Athletes

    by Jason Scott October 2017

    An ozone machine used to prevent mold and purify air is being blamed for creating fumes that overcame more than a dozen high school football players in a locker room Friday night.

  • Infographic: Texas’ ‘Space-Age’ Lockers

    by AB Staff August 2017

    When the University of Texas announced the details of its $10 million football facilities, the stars of the show were the lockers. Estimated at $10,500 apiece (later revised to $8,700), the lockers will be unlike any others in college football, featuring at least six different patent-pending technologies, according to head coach Tom Herman. "We needed something modern, something sleek, something that conveyed the message that we're the University of Texas and we're going to give our kids and student-athletes the best in the country," Herman said in an interview.

  • Product Spotlight 2017: Locker Rooms | Laundry Components

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017


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  • Locker Room Branding with Paint, Graphics

    by Emily Attwood August 2017

    Waterfalls, HD TVs and LED backlighting in custom colors are all wonderful things to have in an athletic locker room — if you have a few million dollars to spend. While the juggernauts in collegiate athletics compete for the title of "best locker room in the country" (hoping it leads to other titles), most college and high school athletic programs are working on a more limited budget.