University of New Mexico basketball coach Paul Weir is raising red flags with recent comments made to his players about how they report concussions.

According to the NM Fishbowl, Weir recently told his players to be careful about how they report head injuries to physicians and trainers because the school now requires players with concussions to sit out for 10 days.

Sources told the Fishbowl that Weir said he intends to fight the policy.

For his part, Weir said he’s more concerned about inaccurate reporting and athletes looking to get out of certain activities.

“Any actual diagnosed concussion we would take with the utmost precautions at the time of injury,” Weir said. “We have, however, had several instances of inaccurate reporting to our athletic trainer from student-athletes trying to avoid conditioning, training, or other athletic-related activities since my arrival.”

UNM requires that its coaches sign a document acknowledging that they understand the school’s concussion protocol and agree to adhere to it.

Weir has reportedly asked the Athletic Director, Eddie Nunez, to review the school’s policies.

“There isn’t anything out there that is wrong, and I want make sure all of our policies are right,” Nunez said. “This one is, but are we doing [it] the best?”

Weir said the review “could yield many results,” adding that he is committed to enforcing whatever the department decides. 

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.