• Pro Football Stadiums Aim to Stem Fan Violence

    by Andy Berg November 2018

    The $1 million lawsuit filed this week by a Cowboys fan who was severely beaten at a game two years ago is yet another reason professional football stadium operators are trying their best to get fan violence under control. 

  • College Students Undertake the Challenge of Making Safer Hockey Rinks

    by Lisa Kulick June 2018

    While most students take advantage of spring break to escape the rigors of the classroom, students at Carnegie Mellon University were working hard to make hockey a safer sport. The challenge? Despite hockey players donning protective garb like helmets, mouth guards and pads, they can still experience injuries — particularly the littlest players — when they hit the dasher boards.

  • Big 12 Reviewing Court-Storming Violence at Texas Tech

    by Paul Steinbach January 2018

    While a manifestation of the level of excitement surrounding college basketball, fans storming the court after major victories has been a topic of concern at the conference level for at least the past dozen years. At issue is safety of not only players but the fans themselves, as jubilation can quickly turn to chaos.

  • Keeping Your Venue Safe from Terrorist Threats

    by Jeffrey Miller November 2017

    As security directors watch the terrorist threat escalate, their responses have been to fortify their programs accordingly. Unfortunately, it is not enough to keep pace with hostile actors; you must outpace them. You must anticipate new, emerging terrorist tradecraft and tactics before they are implemented. You must recognize potential risks and vulnerabilities in your facilities and address them before they are exploited. Whether you manage a professional sports venue, a high school athletic department or a community organization, the best way to begin this process is through a comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessment.

  • Shooting Prompts Security Assessment at Camden

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    In light of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas this past weekend, the Baltimore Orioles might be looking to reassess security measures at Camden Yards.

  • Suspect Detained After Bomb Found at Paris Stadium

    by Andy Berg October 2017

    Suspects are in custody after authorities in Paris found an improvised explosive device near the Paris Saint Germain soccer stadium.

  • Using Robots for Security in Sports Venues

    by Andy Berg September 2017

    When thinking about venue security, R2-D2 is likely not what comes to mind, but that could change.

  • Improving Safety and Security Outside Athletic Venues

    by Dane Dodd December 2016

    In the London Tube, "MIND THE GAP" signs and announcements are everywhere to warn passengers about the dangerous space between the train and the platform. This simple phrase has always struck me as a powerful reminder of where we need to focus our efforts to ensure the safety of special events: we need to focus on the gaps.

  • Expanding Security Awareness in High School Athletics

    by Emily Attwood December 2016

    Alcohol sales, terrorist threats, public transportation schedules. These are among major security issues on the radar for many professional and collegiate athletic venues, but not high schools, at least not yet. High school athletics come with a unique list of security concerns, but the spotlight on security at higher levels — even topics not particularly germane to prep sporting events — have been a boon to high school security efforts.

  • Clear-Bag Policies Become Standard in College Athletics

    by Emily Attwood November 2016

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