Reviews of The Field Guide: The Layout and Dimensions of Sports Fields and

Drastic Measures
Landscape architect Michael Walker got tired of never being able to find field dimensions for less-popular sports such as Australian, Canadian or Gaelic football, cricket, lawn bowling and horseshoes. Presuming his peers were encountering the same challenges, Walker compiled The Field Guide: The Layout and Dimensions of Sports Fields (Walnut Cracker Publishing, $19.95, paperback). Packed with histories of and diagrams for many sports that fall outside the mainstream, the book is organized alphabetically by sport, and Walker's narration includes small doses of wit that make for worthwhile reading even if you don't plan to install a croquet course outside your facility.

Playing It Safe
Add to the many social networking sites available for young people. But the developers of this online destination for athletes ages 6 to 16, as well as their parents and coaches, strive to avoid the questionable content often found on and by adhering to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and including an Internet safety guide for kids. Coaches can connect with peers, identify tournaments and share drills; players can exchange videos and photos; and parents can stay informed via special calendars, arrange carpools and receive up-to-the-minute details about games and practices. The site is backed in part by a group of pro-athlete investors that includes Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter.