• Utah Seeks Survey Input for Stadium Renovation

    by Dirk Facer November 2017

    Utah athletics director Dr. Chris Hill announced that a feasibility study will include the sending of 100,000 emails next week to ticket holders, alumni within 100 miles of the university and other folks with an interest in Utah athletics.

  • Sports Tourism Pays Off for Myrtle Beach Area

    by Chloe Johnson November 2017

    Sports tourism is becoming a crucial strategy to keep visitors coming to the beach, even if they don't end up lounging on the sand.

  • How the Dallas Cowboys, Frisco ISD Share a Stadium

    by Paul Steinbach November 2017

    NFL-regulation hash marks embedded in the synthetic turf inside The Star in Frisco's indoor football stadium are colored a dark gray, bordering on black — the product of atypical negotiations during the year-old facility's design phase.

  • Penguins Strike Development Deal for Arena Property

    by Bob Bauder November 2017

    The Pittsburgh Penguins and city officials finalized a new development agreement for the former Civic Arena property that eliminates a $15 million credit available for the team to purchase the 28 acres.

  • Bucks Arena Walk-In Clinic to Open Next Week

    by James Nelson November 2017

    The latest piece of downtown redevelopment tied to the Milwaukee Bucks arena comes next week with the opening of a new health clinic, a facility that includes a street-level fast care walk-in clinic.

  • Scope Arena Looking at 4,000-Seat Expansion

    by Eric Hartley November 2017

    A preliminary study has concluded it’s possible to dig into the earth to add 4,000 or more seats to Norfolk’s Scope arena.

  • Stadium Renovation Shows Seminole Pride

    by Paul Steinbach November 2017

    Schools across the country have scaled back or eliminated altogether connections to American Indian culture — genuine or otherwise.

  • City Postpones Coliseum, Moves Ahead with Sportsplex

    by Ryan Poe November 2017

    Memphis will mothball the shuttered Mid-South Coliseum as it launches a $160 million redevelopment of the old surrounding Fairgrounds, officials said last week.

  • Dells Resorts Now Offer VR Arena Experience

    by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel November 2017

    The computer graphics and action inside the Wilderness Resort's new, state-of-the-art CYvrSPACE Virtual Reality Arena are so realistic that you feel like you are inside a computer game.

  • Tax Plan Could Affect Raiders’ Stadium Funding

    by Andy Berg November 2017

    The Republicans proposed tax overhaul could affect funding of a new stadium that will be home to the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.