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2XL Corp.
7550 Industrial Drive
Forest Park, IL 60130

Phone: (708) 344-4090
Toll-free: (888) 977-3726
Fax: (866) 696-8714

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For over 20 years, GymWipes, has been the Industry Leader in equipment cleaning. GymWipes are specially formulated, tough, cellulose blend disposable wipes, designed to quickly, easily and professionally clean workout equipment and surfaces such as seat pads, leg/arm-rests, benches, hand-grips, chrome-plating, painted surfaces, steel and rubber surfaces, tanning beds and electronic panels. The GymWipes line offers several product levels designed to meet the needs and budget of all facilities. GymWipes Anti-Bacterial formulas are EPA registered disinfectant products designed to safely sanitize and protect against 99% of all germs, bacteria and viruses, including CA-MRSA, H1N1 and HIV. All formulas are Free of Bleach, Alcohol and Phenol. Buckets, Refills and attractive Dispensers and Stands are offered. Also available are LCD Wipes for monitors and Stage2 Hand-Sanitizing Gel. GymWipes have been tested and approved by leading equipment manufacturers and will not void warranties. All products are made in the USA.

Categories listed in:

    FORCE wipes are full spectrum EPA registered disinfectant wipes. Protects against CA-MRSA, Swine Flu, HIV. 800 count. NO Bleach, Alcohol or Phenol.
  • GW PRO
    GymWipes PRO formula provides premium, anti-microbial cleansing and protection for all equipment surfaces. Thick and thirsty. 700 count. Buckets and Refill bags.
    GymWipes Anti-Bacteria formula is an EPA registered disinfectant product that cleans and protects against 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. 700 count.
    900 count ADVANTAGE Wipes will safely clean all fitness equipment surfaces. Advantage wipes is the most popular and cost-effective product from the GymWipes line.
    Various models of Stainless Steel Stands and a Stainless Steel Wall Mount are available for durability and appearance.
    Plastic wall dispensers hold GymWipes refill bags and are available in Clear Smoke and Solid White.