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Buyers Guide: Power Systems Inc.

Power Systems Inc.
5700 Casey Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909

Phone: (865) 769-8223
Toll-free: (800) 321-6975
Fax: (865) 769-8211

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We’re Here To Power Your Potential - Since 1986, Power Systems has spent decades developing the most extensive line of products in the industry. We deliver them quickly and accurately so you can start training right away but providing the tools is only half the equation. We also take time to understand your business and recommend the right products for you and your clients so you can provide results. OUR PROMISE is to always give you the support you need, to help you inspire your clients, and to work together to power your potential.

Categories listed in:

  • The Axle
    The Axle is an ultra-light barbell that is fully collapsible for easy storage, suitable for indoor or outdoor use and easily portable for any workout.
  • PowerWave
    The PowerWave™ is a revolutionary multi-functional training device that delivers a total body workout that will improve core strength, physical endurance in 20 minute workouts via Free App.
  • Flip and Plyo
    The 2-in-1 Flip and Plyo combines the benefits of a traditional plyo box while functioning as a tire for flipping, lifting and other functional training movements.
  • Step360
    The durable, non-slip Step360™ Pro brings a full 360º experience to your workouts, designed to improve the body’s balance and stability on any side of the step.
  • Vault Box
    Wedge-shaped Foam Vault Box is solid, sturdy, vinyl covered foam and 3’ high for training your athletes to jump or vault over obstacles.
  • XD Kevlar Products
    The toughest medicine ball, reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber. This durable and low-bounce ball keeps its shape due to its patented construction. 10",14" and 18" diam.