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Developing Signature Spa Services

To set your spa apart, develop a concept and approach that will be appealing, and keep your customers loyal to your business.

When you are in the development stage of a fitness center spa, it is important to pay particularly close attention to your concept. The spa concept is what is unique about your business, and identifiable by your customers -- service ethic, environment, treatments and spa services.

Your spa will most likely be competing against other fitness center spas or local day spas. To set your spa apart, develop a concept and approach that will be appealing, and keep your customers loyal to your business. At resort and destination spas, it is common for the spa to take on a unique quality. A spa that is located at the beach may develop a spa concept that is marine-based, and that incorporates elements from the sea. A spa that is closely affiliated with a community or business may take on attributes that are consistent with that community or business. These attributes extend to design, interior furnishings, art, staff uniforms, marketing approach and the spa menu, to name a few.

What are signature services?

In most fitness center spas, a substantial amount of income will come from massage services. A variety of additional services should be offered, if possible, such as facials, wraps, scrubs, manicures, pedicures and waxing.

However, one of the best ways to create a unique approach is to develop "signature services." Signature services are those services that are unique to your spa, and typically have a common element with your spa concept. For example, if your concept focuses on the unique nature of where your business is located, such as in the desert, your spa would feature that theme throughout. Signature services are an extension of the spa concept, and provide you with an opportunity to not only delineate your spa from others, but perhaps allow your business to gain public relations value that you may not otherwise receive.

The creative process

To create signature services, first know what your competition is doing, so that you don't offer the same things. Next, contact your spa product company and discuss products that it can provide to assist you in creating an unusual service. If you can, have a public relations firm or your marketing team brainstorm ideas about products and services.

It is not unusual to create more than one signature service. For example, you may create one massage signature service, a facial signature service and a wrap signature service. You may even develop a package that is a signature package.

Signature services sell

Signature services also provide you with an opportunity to sell more retail products. The majority of your retail sold will come as a result of facial and skincare services; however, depending on the type of signature services you offer, there may be an additional retail opportunity.

Know your market

If your fitness center spa is in a contained market, it may not be necessary to develop a unique spa concept. Many fitness center spas have a traditional day spa design, and offer a simple and traditional menu of spa services. Such spas can be highly profitable, and can offer great service and treatments to members and customers. However, if you have a substantial amount of competition, or have a unique opportunity or environment that you can turn into a special feature for your business, you should consider a signature approach. By developing signature services, you will be able to keep customers coming back, since your environment and experience will be unique and special for them.
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