Andy Berg
Andy Berg ( joined Athletic Business as Executive Editor in May of 2017. Andy brings 10 years of B2B publishing experience to AB. In 2008, he began as an associate editor for Advantage Business Media’s Wireless Week brand, which covers the wireless communications industry. From there, Andy took over the executive editor position at Wireless Week and CED Magazine. In 2015, Andy moved within Advantage Business Media to become Editorial Director for the company’s Manufacturing vertical, which is comprised of seven brands positioned across the manufacturing sector.
  • Friday, May, 03, 2019
    New York Abbreviates Athletics Schedules Statewide

    The state of New York has decided to adjust its high school athletics schedule, approving a move to cut a week off of the fall, winter and spring seasons. 

  • Friday, May, 03, 2019
    Prep Hockey Players Refuse to Play for New Coach

    A group of high school hockey players in Andover, Mass., say they won’t play for a new coach who was installed after their previous coach was removed.

  • Thursday, May, 02, 2019
    Saddleback College Stadium Sees Significant Delays

    The new Saddleback College football team won’t be playing in its new stadium this fall, as had been expected.

  • Thursday, May, 02, 2019
    Minnesota Grad Students May Lose Fitness Benefits

    Grad students at the University of Minnesota are worried about their fitness benefits as the school is slated to switch health insurance providers.

  • Thursday, May, 02, 2019
    MLB Attendance Continues to Plummet

    Major League Baseball’s attendance problem continues to worsen, and teams in the rebuilding stage are especially starved for fans. 

  • Wednesday, May, 01, 2019
    Clemson Details Supplements Given to Football Players

    Clemson has been forced into full transparency when it comes to what types of supplements are given to its football players.

  • Wednesday, May, 01, 2019
    Why Venues Should Monitor Social Media

    For a venue operator, social media is a two-way street. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram represent an efficient way to facilitate engagement with fans by communicating everything from promotions to special instructions on game day. Likewise, these pervasive channels represent a powerful way to anticipate potential trouble by monitoring individual and group comments in the days and weeks leading up to an event, and even during it.

  • Wednesday, May, 01, 2019
    Letter from the Editor: In With the New

    One of the things I love about this job is seeing how the innovators in our industry — from architects to facility operators — re-envision a space. In some instances that means tearing down the old and building new, but in many situations the best parts of an existing structure can be preserved, and ultimately given a new face and future.

  • Tuesday, April, 30, 2019
    Prep Lacrosse Game Halted over Penalties, Violence

    A high school lacrosse game in Maryland was recently stopped when officials called the game over concerns that it was becoming too violent.

  • Tuesday, April, 30, 2019
    Ohio District Creates Event for Athletes with Disabilities

    The Central Buckeye Conference in Ohio is hosting an Olympics-style event for athletes with disabilities.

  • Wednesday, November, 08, 2017
    Letter from the Editor: Common Ground

    It's an interesting time to be part of this industry. In recent months, sport has again realized its platform as an effective channel for social and cultural debate. Whether or not you feel strongly about protests taking place on the sidelines of NFL games — and those at the college and high school levels — it's hard to ignore that this industry finds itself at the epicenter of a politically charged conversation.

  • Monday, October, 09, 2017
    Letter from the Editor: Never Lose Perspective

    Perspective is everything. It's a phrase that went through my head more than once as we put together our annual Facilities of Merit® issue.