• PGA’s Performance Centers Keep Golfers Fit on Tour

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    The first round of the fourth-annual American Family Championship, a part of the PGA Tour Champions, will tee off on Friday at University Ridge Golf Course, in Madison, Wis. Participating golfers will have access to a pair of Player Performance Centers, mobile fitness facilities aimed at keeping golfers in shape while on the road. 

  • New Product Roundup: Turf | Fitness | Aquatic Solutions

    by Courtney Cameron June 2019

    Check out the newest products as seen in the June 2019 issue.

  • Watch: Carolina Panthers Practice Facility Takes Shape

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    The landscape along Cedar Street near Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., changes dramatically as the Carolina Panthers indoor practice facility continues to take shape. Here's a look at how workers are tending to the field and laying sod at the new facility. 

  • Rob Keeps His Club Doors Open as He Seeks a Buyer

    by Rob Bishop June 2019

    As we headed into 2018, I actually started to think that it might be possible to save the business. I had made the first few payments under the bankruptcy repayment plan that had been approved by the court. We could now be "discharged" from bankruptcy. So long as we could continue to make our monthly payments to repay the debt, we could operate just like any other business. The $30,000 in attorney fees and court costs we had paid out over the past year and a half would go back into the business.

  • Tough Mudder Opens Bootcamp Gym in Denver

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    Adventure obstacle course racing company Tough Mudder this weekend will hold a grand opening for a new Bootcamp gym in Denver, Colo. 

  • Watch: Ole Miss' New Baseball Performance Center

    by Andy Berg June 2019

    Here's a look at CDFL’s work at Oxford-University Stadium with a new 42,093-square-foot performance center, featuring expanded player-focused facilities and additional premium fan areas.

    With a dedicated weight room, indoor practice facility and expanded player areas, the new performance center elevates the existing O-U Stadium player amenities. The new weight room features 14 weight stations, a 30-yard sprint lane, and views over Bailey’s Woods and Swayze Field. The indoor turf facility combines the pitching tunnel with the batting cages creating a large indoor practice area. With motorized batting cages, the space can be partitioned or fully open at the touch of a button.

    Other notable player spaces include an enlarged player locker room, an equipment room, a sports training room with treatment tubs, a coaching lounge and a locker room, a player lounge, a nutrition center, a meeting room, and a professional player locker room. In addition to the performance center, premium areas were added to the stadium enhancing the visitors’ experience.

    The Dugout Club, a premium space under the stadium with player corridor view and 330 cushioned chair back seating behind home plate, was added along with the Roof Terrace Club. The Roof Terrace Club offers a rooftop view above the first base line and includes 180 seats along countertop railing for a more laid-back atmosphere.

  • New Projects: First Data Field | New Westminster Aquatic and Community Centre | UPMC Events Center

    by Courtney Cameron June 2019

    Breaking Ground

  • How to Clean Your High-End Fitness Equipment

    by Andy Berg May 2019

    Club owners take heed, the internet is inundating your customers with scary stories that detail the deadly infections one can contract at the gym. The headlines are riddled with words like "gross" and "disgusting" and warn that terrible diseases and germs lurk in every crack and crevice of every piece of equipment on the cardio floor. Just last year a report made the rounds that gym equipment is "dirtier than public toilet seats."

  • HIIT Defining and Leveraging the Results-Driven Training Phenomenon (Sponsored)

    by Steve Barrett May 2019

    This sponsored content was provided by Matrix Fitness. What is sponsored content?

  • Rob Turns to Bankruptcy in Hopes of Saving His Club

    by Rob Bishop May 2019

    It's April 2016. My business partner has left the business and I've taken over as managing partner. That's a fancy term for the guy stuck with all the problems. Over the past few years, the financial position of my company deteriorated to the point we might actually go out of business — something that had previously been unthinkable.