• Chlorine Sickens Kids at Life Time Fitness Location

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    More than a dozen kids were sickened at a Life Time Fitness location in Johns Creek (Ga.) when a chlorine mixer malfunctioned at the location’s outdoor pool.

  • Atlanta Area Tennis Center to Cost $50M

    by J.Scott Trubey August 2018

    A family foundation plans to build a sprawling multimillion-dollar tennis complex in Roswell, including the largest concentration of clay courts in the nation.

  • Gym Member Barred for Attacking Teen Mid-Deadlift

    by Jason Scott August 2018

    For some, the grunts and slams heard in a gym are simply part of the experience. For others, however, those noises can be a catalyst for confrontation.

  • Youth Baseball Complex to Get $3.5M Facelift

    by Sarah Peters August 2018

    When Palm Beach Gardens is finished spending roughly $3.5 million to improve its youth baseball complex, the facility will be rivaled only by surrounding Major League Baseball spring training stadiums.

  • Man Leaves Puppy in Gym Locker at LA Fitness

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    Fitness club owners see it all and have to be prepared to deal with just about any situation. Such was the case at an LA Fitness location on Thursday. 

  • ClassPass Raises $85M

    by Lisa Fickenscher July 2018

    ClassPass is now bench pressing $255 million. That's how much the Big Apple fitness company has raised in venture capital including its latest round of $85 million.

  • New Products: Cardio Equipment | Pool Heater | Sport Surfacing

    by Courtney Cameron July 2018

    Check out the newest products as seen in the July|August 2018 issue.

  • New Training Facility Wows Celtics

    by Mark Murphy July 2018

    Robert Williams and the rest of his fellow Celtics summer leaguers had the honor this week of christening what, in franchise history, is a true wonder.

  • Community to Debut New Athletics Center

    by Marissa Plescia June 2018

    Lombard Park District in Illinois has been serving residents for 90 years, and in all that time it has never owned its own indoor basketball courts.

  • Startup to Offer Workout Clothes for Rent

    by Lisa Fickenscher June 2018

    Renting used gym clothing is a thing now. New Yorkers never have to worry about forgetting their gym bag at home or lugging their stinky gear to and from the office - if they are willing to fork out $10 to rent some gym clothes.