• Rob Keeps His Club Doors Open as He Seeks a Buyer

    by Rob Bishop May 2019

    As we headed into 2018, I actually started to think that it might be possible to save the business. I had made the first few payments under the bankruptcy repayment plan that had been approved by the court. We could now be "discharged" from bankruptcy. So long as we could continue to make our monthly payments to repay the debt, we could operate just like any other business. The $30,000 in attorney fees and court costs we had paid out over the past year and a half would go back into the business.

  • Wellness Center Wall Features 24-Foot-Wide Door

    by Paul Steinbach May 2019

    Some fitness facilities blur the line between interior and exterior. This one breaks the line, folds it up and slides it to the side.

  • New Product Roundup: Turf | Fitness | Aquatic Solutions

    by Courtney Cameron May 2019

    Check out the newest products as seen in the June 2019 issue.

  • Financial Issues Confront Elevations Health Club

    by Rob Bishop April 2019

    Years ago, I used to read Inc. Magazine. It was for and about small businesses. One of my favorite columns was "Obituary," which looked at small businesses that had failed. It tried to examine why they failed and how they might have survived.

  • Gym's Puppy Raffle Prize Canceled Amid Backlash

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    A mixed martial arts gym in San Diego quickly tapped out of a plan to drive memberships by using a puppy as a raffle prize after a flood of complaints flowed in via social media.

  • New Product Roundup: Security | Aquatics | Technology

    by Courtney Cameron April 2019

    Check out the newest products as seen in the April 2019 issue.

  • Beavers Get Busy with Summer Facility Projects

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    Oregon State athletics has a number of facility projects slated for this summer, including a complete remodel of the P. Wayne Valley Sports Performance Center (SPC), which serves as the weight room facility for football and other sports. 

  • Bears Fit Invites Members to Train Like a Pro

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    A new NFL-themed fitness center has just celebrated a grand opening, and its pitch to fitness enthusiasts and fans alike is the chance to “Train like a Bear.”

  • Fitness Club Closes Doors over Mumps Investigation

    by Andy Berg April 2019

    Members at an Austin, Texas, fitness club were alarmed to learn that the club was investigating a recent outbreak of mumps.

  • SUV Crashes Through Gym, Injuring Man on Treadmill

    by Jason Scott April 2019

    A man who had been working out on a treadmill at a Culver City, Calif., Anytime Fitness location was injured when an SUV crashed through the facility.