• ‘White Pride’ Name for School’s Fitness Room Changed

    by Stuart Goldman January 2016

    After charges of racial insensitivity on social media, the Roger T. White – Pride Fitness Room at Meyer Middle School in River Falls, Wis., has had a name change.

  • New Product Roundup: Starting Blocks, Exercise Saunas and More

    by AB Staff January 2016

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    Check out the newest products as seen in the January/February 2016 issue.

  • Cowboys Club to Include Fitness Facility, Team Access

    by Stuart Goldman January 2016

    A limited number of memberships are now available for the Dallas Cowboys’ new members-only Cowboys Club, which includes a fitness facility, dining options and behind-the-scenes access to the NFL team.

  • Sponsored Video: Introducing SPARC - Strength Power Accelerated Resistance Cardio

    by AB Editors December 2015

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    Lose fat. Build muscle. Gain strength. Increase metabolism. Improve power.

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  • Why a Northern High School Opted for an Indoor Practice Facility

    by Paul Steinbach December 2015

    The tour — the story — starts in a decades-old gymnasium. It was while assessing this modest space in 2006-07, with its original bleachers and hardwood court badly in need of refinishing, that administrators at Hamilton High School began to think big. Enrollment had doubled since the school was built in Sussex, Wis., in 1963. Athletics participation had increased by 33 percent, six sports programs had been added, and interior training space was at a premium. Track athletes were running hurdles down terrazzo hallways. Cheerleaders were doing stunts over library carpeting. Field sports participants in this evolving era of year-round specialization had no place to practice off-season, as Wisconsin's winters rendered the outdoors off limits.

  • Like 20 Years in Business, Our Anniversary Celebration Brought Challenges, Rewards

    by Rob Bishop November 2015

    Please allow us to paint a picture for you:

  • Our New Day-to-Day Approach to Member Retention

    by Rob Bishop November 2015

    For 20 years we've been telling people and writing about how there are two kinds of gyms — those that are "sales" focused and those that are "retention" focused. We put ourselves squarely in the second camp since we've never had salespeople, we use no high-pressure sales techniques and our entire business model is based on the premise that we need our members to actually use our clubs and thus continue their memberships.

  • AB Survey: Locker Room Renovations

    by AB Editors October 2015

    Athletic Business is conducting a survey of fitness and recreation facility managers and leaders to learn more about your locker rooms. Have you renovated lately? Planning to renovate? What's changing and why? Please take a few minutes to answer the following survey questions, and look for a summary in our January/February issue.

    Thank you; we appreciate your feedback!

  • Spotlight: Weight Rooms/Strength Equipment

    by AB Editors October 2015

    Weight Rooms/Strength Equipment

  • Functional Fitness Modular Structures Provide Variety

    by Laura Godlewski October 2015

    There's no doubt functional fitness is here to stay. From CrossFit to TRX to high- intensity interval training, more exercise programs are taking their cues from functional training, leading to an increased demand for space inside health clubs to accommodate such programming with a range of equipment that can include dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension trainers and squat racks.