• New Rehab Center for Injured Soldiers

    by Andrew Cohen March 2007

    A new state-of-the-art rehab center aims to make injured soldiers whole again.

  • Technical and Aesthetic Innovations in Free-Weight Areas

    by Paul Steinbach March 2007

    Technical and aesthetic innovations have lifted the free-weight area to new levels of user-friendliness and operational efficiency.

  • Attracting Your Market Share

    by Rob Bishop March 2007

    The solution to the 14-percent penetration problem involves analyzing your facility's market.

  • The Resting Metabolic Rate Debate

    by Jason R. Karp and Wayne L. Westcott January 2007

    Does strength training increase resting metabolic rate (RMR), therefore enhancing members' weight-loss efforts? As research shows support for both sides, the debate continues. Here are arguments, pro and con, presented by two strength-training professionals.

  • Addition of Fitness Proves Successful

    by Heather Peavey December 2006

    When Sand Creek Country Club decided to add a fitness center, it was treated like all other areas of the club: five-star, full-service and with an emphasis on all generations.

  • Attracting the Non-Member to Fitness Centers

    by Stephen Tharrett and James A. Peterson December 2006

    To effectively deal with and attract the large non-exercising population, facility operators need to start thinking like a salesperson.

  • Certifications Gaining Respect

    by Ronale Tucker Rhodes December 2006

    The importance of trainers and instructors possessing reliable and credible certifications continues to be at the forefront of industry discussion.

  • Opening a Pilates Studio

    by Amy Scanlin December 2006

    When opening a Pilates studio, making the right decisions about location, staff and programming can be difficult. However, help is out there. Get some advice from others who have started successful Pilates businesses.

  • Aquatics and Fitness for All

    by Anne B. McDonnell November 2006

    Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics serves its entire community with a wide variety of aquatics classes and fitness programs.

  • Navy Federal's Fitness Center Benefits Employees

    by Anne B. McDonnell October 2006

    Navy Federal's Schoggen Fitness Center serves more than 2,600 employees at the company's headquarters in Vienna, Va.