• Opening a Pilates Studio

    by Amy Scanlin December 2006

    When opening a Pilates studio, making the right decisions about location, staff and programming can be difficult. However, help is out there. Get some advice from others who have started successful Pilates businesses.

  • Aquatics and Fitness for All

    by Anne B. McDonnell November 2006

    Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics serves its entire community with a wide variety of aquatics classes and fitness programs.

  • Navy Federal's Fitness Center Benefits Employees

    by Anne B. McDonnell October 2006

    Navy Federal's Schoggen Fitness Center serves more than 2,600 employees at the company's headquarters in Vienna, Va.

  • How to Benefit from Interns

    by Debra Atkinson October 2006

    Establishing an internship program at your fitness center takes work, but it can be worth the effort. The key is to be prepared and to know what type of individual you're looking for, as well as how the internship will work within your facility.

  • Ready to Sell That Old Treadmill?

    by Anne B. McDonnell October 2006

    When it comes time to sell your used equipment, one option for facility operators is to sell to equipment remanufacturers. But, before you go down that road, these tips will help you understand the buying process, what the remanufacturers are looking for and how the purchase price is determined.

  • Campus Fitness Satellites Allow Students to Get Fit on Their Own Terms

    by Marvin Bynum September 2006

    Free of the amenities of a large rec center, campus fitness satellites allow students to get fit on their own terms.

  • Software Improvements Made to Meet Needs of Fitness Facilities

    by Heather Peavey August 2006

    Software companies have improved their products and developed new ones to meet the needs of growing fitness facilities, and one of the major areas of growth is in non-dues revenue, or profit centers.

  • Boutique Fitness Center Offers Members an Escape from Stress

    by Anne B. McDonnell July 2006

    Ecco Fitness Studio, Dublin, Ohio, is a boutique fitness center that was designed to offer members an escape from daily worries and stress.

  • Tall Order

    by Marvin Bynum June 2006

    Whether designed to accommodate football practice, pickup basketball or both, indoor athletic facilities must always live up to their height.

  • A Resort Town's Success

    by Anne B. McDonnell April 2006

    The Hart Center, Fairfield Bay, Ark., exceeded its first-year membership goals by focusing on its equipment, classes and events.