• High School Blows Whistle on Phony Sponsorships

    by Andy Berg August 2017

    A high school in North Carolina is receiving some unexpected and unwanted attention from a company in Texas.

  • Temple U. Donors to Sponsor Jersey Numbers

    by A.J. Perez August 2017

    Temple University has a new spin on fundraising that is something right out of NAS-CAR: A $50,000 donation will allow...

  • Group Raises Money for Youth Sports Complex

    by Blair Emerson August 2017

    Located near the banks of the Missouri River in Cannon Ball is a small, deteriorating basketball court. Though rugged and cracked...

  • Anti-Tax Group Hopes to Bar Public Money for Stadiums

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Many major sports stadiums are at least funded in part by taxpayer money. In addition to providing the public with a space to watch their local teams, many of these deals are made with the presumption that these sports venues stir economic activity.

  • U. of Dayton Breaks Ground on $72M Arena Renovation

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    On Thursday, the University of Dayton announced that approval has been given by the university board of trustees to begin work on a $72 million arena renovation.

  • Oklahoma Law Will Hold Boosters Accountable

    by Courtney Cameron April 2017

    Last Thursday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law Senate Bill 425, which allows a provision for universities to bring suit against boosters whose actions result in penalties for the school. The law goes into effect November 1.

  • St. Louis Voters Shoot Down MLS Stadium Financing

    by Jason Scott April 2017

    Voters in St. Louis shot down a ballot measure that would’ve provided public money to help finance a Major League Soccer stadium on Tuesday.

  • NCAA to Distribute $200M in Supplemental Funds

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a one-time supplemental distribution of $200 million, the NCAA will present Division I schools with sums between 165,000 and $1.3 million per school, dependent upon the number of athletic scholarships they awarded during the 2013-14 school year.

  • Group's $50K Turf Donation Contingent on Messaging

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    The Greenfield (Ind.) Central School District has received an offer of a $50,000 donation to help replace the turf on the high school football field – but, it’s an offer they are reluctant to accept.

  • BASH Raises Record $3.5M for ALS Research

    by AB Editors March 2017

    This year, the fitness industry rallied in unprecedented fashion to support Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, the organization dedicated to curing Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gherig’s disease.