• Rival Schools Unite to Create One-of-a-Kind Rooftop Stadium

    by Michael Popke June 2010

    Two rival schools in New Jersey unite to create a one-of-a-kind rooftop stadium.

  • High Schools, Municipalities Look for Corporate Sponsors

    by Michael Popke April 2010

    Local sports and recreation programs are relying more on corporate sponsorships these days.

  • In Uncertain Economy, Athletics Development More Critical Than Ever

    by Paul Steinbach December 2009

    Asking for donations in an uncertain economy can be challenging, but athletics development is perhaps more critical now than ever.

  • How Much for Good Seats?

    by Paul Steinbach October 2009

    Some of my best days as a kid were spent in Milwaukee County Stadium's section 13, row 12, seats 1 through 8 - the corporate season tickets frequently secured by my neighbor's dad. One of my greatest regrets as an adult was not securing actual seats once they tore County Stadium down in 2002. Not necessarily those exact seats. Sentimental value notwithstanding, they were in the lower grandstand and constructed of plastic. You had to get into the far reaches of the upper deck to find the old-timers - their wooden slats bearing engraved seat numbers and the chipped relief of numerous coats of green paint applied over the years. These seats had seen not only the Brewers' short-lived success in the stadium, but the Milwaukee Braves' and Green Bay Packers' heydays, too. So I read with interest news last week that New York Yankees fans had filed a class-action lawsuit over seats salvaged from last year's demolition of old Yankee Stadium. Lead plaintiff John Lefkus, for one, spent more than $2,000 to purchase the exact pair of seats he had occupied as a 23-year season-ticket-holder. But Lefkus isn't buying their authenticity. He bases his claim that stadium seats were dismantled and reassembled using random parts on the evidence that his own seats were put together using new and old hardware and different armrests, and then repainted in the wrong color. One even featured the wrong seat number. You've heard of Norm Abram's "New Yankee Workshop"? This sounds like Old Yankee Chop Shop. The class seeks more than $5 million in damages from the Yankees, Steiner Sports Memorabilia, Steiner Sports Marketing and Yankee-Steiner Collectibles, alleging false advertising, deceptive practices and breach of warranty, according to Courthouse News Service.

  • Budget-Strapped High Schools Find New Ways to Save Their Sports Programs

    by Michael Popke September 2009

    Budget-strapped high schools find new ways to save their sports programs.

  • A Shameless Plug for Electricity

    by Andrew Cohen August 2009

  • NFL Fans Selling Seat Licenses, PSL Wait-List Positions

    by Andrew Cohen August 2009

    Some fans of professional football are profiting not just by selling their seat licenses, but also their PSL wait-list positions.

  • How to Solicit Sponsorships

    by David Hoch May 2009

    An increased awareness of how to solicit sponsorships can help organizations overcome financial challenges.

  • Naming Rights Deals Scrutinized by Private and Public Sectors Alike

    by Paul Steinbach February 2009

    Naming rights agreements are being scrutinized like never before, both by potential sponsorship partners and the taxpaying public.

  • Muslim Community Raises Money for Retractable Shade System at Pool

    by Nicholas Brown February 2009

    Community raises money for a retractable shade system at local aquatics center