Damage to rec center in St. Charles, Ill., that occurred during a fire in August was reportedly grossly underestimated.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the original estimate of $500,000 in damages to the Norris Recreation Center has been revised closer to $2 million.

Seth Chapman, the chief financial officer for Norris, told the Tribune that the extent of the smoke damage was worse than originally thought. "As (workers) completed restoration, they realized soot and smoke went into every void,” Chapman said.

The fire, which occurred on Aug. 21, started in the men’s locker room and was contained to that area. However, repairs involved a complete redesign of the facility’s plumbing, electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems. Flooring, drywall and tile also had to be replaced.

Parts of the center have reopened but some repairs will continue into 2018. 

Insurance will cover the $2 million claim. The repairs will not add to costs associated with a recently completed $2.3 million renovation project. 

Andy Berg is Executive Editor of Athletic Business.